Using your significant others car

So, I just came home from bringing my fiance a tea and bagel to her work. She works down our street at the corner store. Our daughter loves it.
Anyways, I left her my truck today. It’s parked right out front and it is a busy corner store. I walk in, the man at the counter realized I was her other half and asked if it was my truck. BOOM! Possible Inside/outside job! Quoting it tomorrow.

I had planned on stickering her vehicle before but I haven’t thought of it again until now. I won’t be stalling on this. Apparently, she’s taken it before and people were interested. Talk about wicked advertising. For the low cost but decently high traffic, stickering her vehicle is a no brainer.

I almost want to put one of those vehicle business card holders on it. But then again, I may talk to the owner about leaving cards there. They are picky with this kind of stuff and you don’t normally find advertising for companies anywhere but I’m hoping they like my wife enough lol.

I don’t even have lettering on mine. Just a crappy door magnet and 1 sticker. But, it worked :+1: I’ll be lettering mine and hers soon. Hers will be short and sweet and most likely only on her back window. Maybe a small sticker on the sides to grab attention towards her vehicle. Either way, the back window should be visible right away to all.

Only crappy part, she works only Monday’s at the moment. I can imagine the exposure if it was more.

Anyways, it was meant to be to walk in right at that moment​:grin::grin: too bad I was wearing shorts and big ass socks LOL. I showered and just threw what ever on. I was NOT expecting that haha.

You guys have your other halves vehicles labelled? Do they get you business? Do they carry business cards on them? She should be, sheesh! Any tips??

One thing to be aware is if your vehicle is lettered you could be considered a company vehicle/ used in course of business and insurance should be at a commercial level.

Hate to be in an accident and adjuster see this and not cover you or company be sued by other driver.

Just be aware what local requirements are.


That is an amazing quote right there! I never thought of running that by my insurance agent once I do something but I am sure others will think twice now and find out if they are covered. Thanks! :metal:

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My truck is covered and hers isn’t. Thanks man. I probably wouldn’t have thought of it!

Winner Winner chicken dinner