Vacs for track cleaning

Hi all, Any suggestions on vacuums’ for track cleaning.

I’m looking at a Ridgid one, Larry uses that one if IIRC, they’re fairly cheap and discounted at Home Depot most of the time, around $70, but the batteries are extremely expensive unless you have Ridgid tools already and can use those batteries on that vac.

Dewalt is a similar machine, in theory better if you ask me, since is corded/cordless, haven’t bought any of them because battery prices.

Ridgid Link

Dewalt Link


I’ll be getting a Rigid vac like Larry’s. Or maybe Larry can send me one of his!:wink:

im looking at getting this next year for tracks.

ive always swept and wiped the tracks before. Dyson makes super vac’s as i have full size model.

On clearance at my local Lowe’s – Regularly $149 / Clearance $142 (I’m not even kidding.)

Maybe two!

Ridgid WD4550 (corded) or Ridgid WD2450 (cordless + batteries) at Home Depot (though availability may be an issue.)

I saw Lowe’s has a nice little contractor vac similar in nature to the Ridgid Pro Pack. It’s about 5HP and 5 gallons with a handle and decent shape: $70.

Looks nice but on their website it says “Up to 6 minutes of powerful cleaning” so it might not be up to every job.

My Ridgid WD2450 goes ~15 minutes with a 24V Li-Ion battery. I always carry at least two charged batteries.

Does anyone know of a handheld cordless vac that will run more than 15 minutes on a single battery charge? I’d prefer one that the battery attaches to the vacum as opposed to a wall charger. That way I could get two batteries if need be.

The Rigid (that Larry uses) looks like a good deal but if there’s one out there that runs more than 15 minutes per charge I’d rather have it.

Dewalt has one that is both corded and/or battery powered. Anybody have experience with it?

Don’t be silly Larry, one will be fine!:wink: Oh and if you find the time some more of that Naked coffee would be great as well!:smiley:

I like my Dewalt because it has a cord and a battery. I try to use the cord as much as possible. If AC is a hassel to get to, I’ve got the battery as back up.

I like the idea of having the option to use either the cord or the battery and the ability to still use the vacum even when the battery is dead.

Do you know how long the battery on the Dewalt would last on a single charge? I think I may spring for the Dewalt.

it should last you 2 days or 90 window tracks

So each day consist of 24hrs or 45 tracks

So I have a job tomorrow around 19track !

Sorry Doug, was to easy to resist

well i do around 50 to 60 windows a day. and it lasts 2 days, catch my drift…LOL

That’s a lot of tracks! I guess the Dewalt will be on my shopping list. thanks for the info!

no problem.

it is spendy, but well worth it

somethings wrong with my battery. If I got that kind of mileage I wouldn’t bother with the cord.