Vacumming Out Sliding Tracks

I bought a hand vac last summer for the purpose of cleaning out sliding tracks but never used it until the last couple of weeks. I’ve got to admit that I love the results and the customers are incredibly impressed.

The next step is to add this into the price. :wink:

[I][COLOR=“Navy”]Anyone else use a vac for tracks? I think Larry does and also Bill from Tollins.[/COLOR][/I]

All I did was go up on my price 1 dollar per window and that covers the vac. time.

As part of my standard service, I use a grout brush and vacuum on all tracks, including exterior screen tracks.

For the past year or more, I have been using the Ridgid (from Home Depot) WD2450 Dual Voltage Cordless Wet/Dry Vac: Wet Dry Vacs - General Purpose | RIDGID Tools

For CCU, I use the corded Ridgid WD4550 Pro Pack: 4.5 Gallon ProPack® Portable Wet/Dry Vac | RIDGID Tools

They are both great tools.

I’m using a brush that looks like a tooth brush but with stiffer plastic bristles. It was part of a set that all had wire brushes.

My vac is a corded (very long cord) dirt devil. Has a good hose and fine nozzle attachment, great for getting right into the tracks.

I too vacuum all tracks on a complete int & ext clean.I normally bid it good enough to cover the minimal time involved.

It’s a nice touch most people dig it and…it sure does save on shoving what was once dirt now…mud into corners or trying to pick it out…you catch the drift;)

It’s all about getting it completely “Dialed In”

How come Vacuuming tracks is included in your service but you charge extra to clean screens?

How come the Subject “[B]Vacumming Out Sliding Tracks[/B]” has a spelling error?

HaHAHAHAHaaaaaa! that’s OK I can’t spell either (did u know this forum has spell check LOL)

HOWEVER I have a back pack vac with a soft rubber upholstery nozzle I have thought about using on customers tracks, its got a long cord, and I have used it on our tracks at home:D

Would save we buying a small portable one I guess


To “deep clean” screens i charge more brotha;) otherwise…they get a basic brushing that’s included.

On well maintained gigs its ok but on filthy jobs nothing compares to deep cleaning them.

Plus…it’s a GREAT upsell & extra Cha-Ching:D


I have a ProTeam Super CoachVac Backpack (first purchased for whole-house CCU floor cleaning) that I have used for CCU windows where indoor ladder work was required for high windows with ledges – for safety (hands-free climbing) reasons.

But, I would find it too unwieldy for standard track cleaning use.

I loves me my WD2450!

I noticed this after the fact. It’s one of those words that I always have to double check. Unfortunately, the spell check here only seems to work in the [B]post[/B] section but not in the [B]subject[/B] section.

No worries…

I use a blue “giant tooth brush” with black bristles and a Pro team Quartervac backpack vac. I have both hands free to work and climbing ladders to reach uppers is no problem…It impresses people when I bring it into the house because most customers have never seen one

I had considered buying a TailVac to complement my Super CoachVac.

Why did you go with the QuarterVac?

Actually, my wife is the quickest spell checker I have.


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[COLOR=“Blue”]“How do you spell potassium monopersulfate” [/COLOR](An oxidizer in case you were wondering)

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[COLOR=“Blue”]“Cool, thanks.” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Magenta”]“Now shhh! I’m watching LOST!”[/COLOR]

Oh, and so not to hijack…vacuum,good.

It was the only model they were making back in the early 90’s when I bought it. I have replaced the fan motor twice and the top piece once when I cracked it by carrying by the hose nipple…and I replaced the original hose with a longer piece I bought at a local vac shop. The only issue I have had with the tailvac is the cylinder is small and I got debris “blow thru” and I thought the fan motor was too small. However, in all fairness, I haven’t used one in several years and have not looked at the newer models, so my issues could already be resolved