Has anyone used direct mail with Valpack? What was your R.O.I and would you use it again?

I’ve done Money Mailer which is similar to Valpak. I did it three separate times this year and all gave me about solid results. One of my neighbors is in the painting business and he does Valpak all the time and has solid results.

Sometimes I think this type of advertising is more about exposure than anything. You stay consistent with hammering an ad every chance you get in the same publication and people will begin to recognize you as a “safe” and “recognized” entity.

For many that is what it is about. I never expect too much profit from Money Mailer/Valpak. In the future I will be directing my advertising dollars towards my own innovative ads direct mailed in bulk by me.

But isn’t that the point of an advertising campaign – ROI?

I had horrible results. I did get calls but they were all price shoppers…I did not close one deal.

I canceled after 3 months.

I’ve been using valpak for about 3 months now. Mailing out to 10,000 residents per month. Only 7 valpak customers in 3 months. Mostly bargain shoppers. I made my money back but that’s about it. I do way better on Craigslist. Angie’s List is really popular here in Seattle too. I suppose Valpak good way to get your name out. Plus my rep is really hott! Its hard to so no to her =)
I’m still debating if I want to continue vapak or not.

If you are measuring the effectiveness by number of paying customers, how does an unknown such as “get your name out” come into play (I suppose months or years down the road…) Maybe it’s too early to tell (7/10,000=0.07% assuming it’s sent to the same 10,000), but you need a better ROI.

I’d like to hear what Chris, Kevin, or Paul have to say.

Perhaps the decision would be easier, and based upon your business plan, if you changed reps. :wink:

My problem with valpak is you get lost with all the roofers and pizza coupons. I prefer DM that sits on its on in the box.

I have tried in with minimal results it just covered my cost. 0 profit.

I do know of a few window cleaners who do very well with it, they are in every single release. What i would like to do is the back cover of the valpak. I have tried to get that several times but its usually bought out 2-3 years in advance.

“Valpak” = Val shopper

Val shopper= Val pay
Val pay= low income
low income= low baller. :slight_smile:

As a new business in the state of Maryland Larry I am faced with the first task of gaining exposure as a business. I would not go the routes I’ve been going if I were established in this state. I just recently had an ad go out into almost 100,000 homes…exposure!

I need to get my logo, tagline and company colors etched in some memories. I’ve had a good first year campaign and now I will be kicking into a different mode. Now it’s direct mailing of postal mailers with my new selling slogan (which is a direct spinoff of ACWC’s slogan on their website) “WELCOME TO TEDIOUS CHORE RELIEF CENTRAL”

Anyways, I’ve done this before and have learned that marketing strategies have to have a scheme. My scheme this year was to gain exposure. Next year will be to target large upscale communities to get my feet in deep. After that it just becomes a matter of keeping up with the workload.

BTW, today I got the work on a 13k square foot home…needed that one before the weather freezes over.

Go Huskers!

Exactly!!! Do direct mail to upper income neighborhoods, that you pick! Val-pack goes all over. I target neighborhoods with the biggest homes. When you get there and bid on the Windows, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Cement Cleaning, and so on, the total is always over $1000.00 dollars. :smiley:


how many postcards you mail out each mailing?

Generally about 1500-2000, it depends on the size of the neighborhoods that I am targeting.


Not entirely true, you do have some direction in what neighborhoods your want to target. My Valpak rep gave me a list of which neighborhoods had the highest income levels, which ones were mostly family and which ones mostly single career home owners.
But I don’t believe higher income home owner really look at valpack coupons. I believe they mostly want referrals.


I agree, you do have some control over where they go, but remember, PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

What people perceive they believe. If they get a val pack coupon book with Joe’s Pizza, Tony’s Muffler Repair, Ping’s nail salon, and then they see so and so’s window washers, they are going to lump you in with all of them.

The upper clientèle that we are going for most probably aren’t going to want someone in their home, opening every door of their house to see if a window is there, just because they got a cheapy coupon book in the mail.

We can’t control who calls us out of the phone book. However, if you are going to do pro active marketing, by putting together an ad, and sending it out. Surely we would want to get the most bang for our buck and send out our stand alone ad to people who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a professional company who is licensed and insured and who promotes professionalism by sending out a nice postcard to their individual residence.

The way I like to do for my company is to market to clients that I want to get, not just a blanket mailing to anyone who might have dirty windows. I prefer to get the jobs, where my guy’s park the truck for the day, and do quite a few jobs there, (PW, windows, gutters, cement, etc.)

Almost every job that we do in these exclusive neighborhoods, the neighbor’s come out and ask for cards, because now they have a measure of trust in us, because someone else is using us there.

My .02 cents :slight_smile:


OK you fix a couple of mufflers to make a few bucks and you’re branded for life! Thanks Charlie!:p:D

Tony, awesome way to clean up an old joke…and apply it to the thread.
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I am not sure if your ad fits within the preferred successful-marketing definition of exposure (e.g. single mailing, non-targeted mass-mailing, etc.)

What opinions do Paul, Kevin, and Chris have?