I’m new to this industry and trying to build a client list and generate revenue. I’ve been doing door to door and some online ads. What’s working for people?

I’m also looking at direct mail. Does anyone have success with Valpak? What’s your offering, how many mailings, conversion rates etc.

I’m trying to learn (and fast).


Never used it. Have always stayed away from it because I think it is for people looking for cheapest price. On the other hand I see folks in other trades, who have a good business, and they advertise regularly there. I prefer EDDM.

I have a friend that has a 5 million dollar company that swears by it as one of his best returns on marketing for over a decade.

I ran one Valpak in 2 counties in some of the most affluent and densely populated areas of the country.

No calls. 2 years after I got a call from it from a lady who wanted 3 windows cleaned.

Total waste of money and room in my recycling bin.

yeah, affluent are pretty ad resistant, preferring trusted recommendations from each other. birds of a feather thing

Op needs this. If you’ve got the budget for printing this will print you money.

Not familiar with this. What is it and where can I get it?

Its a window cleaning marketing blueprint. The owner of WCR wrote it. I don’t know his handle on here, maybe someone can chime in. Window Cleaners Marketing Blue Print Book - Official Guide –

On this website click “free resources” then “marketing blueprint”

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