Van & equipment for sale

My name is Darryl Brown. I own D & S Sparkling windows. I was involved in a bad accident last September and unfortunately I fell 25ft onto a concrete drive and sustained critical injuries. Due to injuries I sustained I am selling a 2014 Econoline Ford Commercial Van with only 37,000 miles. I have everything you would possibly need for window cleaning. Some listed are H2Pro RODI with chemical tank for soap, REACH-IT-POLE with one extra extension pole, Brushes, Stand-Up Screen Cleaner, New Safety equipment with lanyard, harness, and other (has not been used), extra 150-200ft of extra hose to connect to hose on RODI (has not been used), Garden hose for connecting to RODI INLET. All this stuff was bought new and used only a few months…except the van of course but it is in excellent condition with just 37,000 miles. Any help would be greatly appreciated…do you know of anybody? AT THIS TIME I AM NOT LOOKING TO SELL EQUIPMENT INDIVIDUALLY RATHER I’M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO MAY WANT TO ADD TO THEIR FLEET OR SOMEONE NEW IN THE BUSINESS. I LIVE ON THE COAST OF GEORGIA…MY PHONE 912.805.0458 EMAIL PLEASE CONTACT ME ONLY IF YOUR TRULY INTERESTED.**

I’m not interested as I’m in Arizona, however do you have a book of business with it? That may grease the skids for you…

Did you fall while working?


ladder fall?

Yeah, nice chatting with ya!

Whose Jeff?