Van mount?


Im from the uk and 90% of wfp window cleaners here use van mounted wfp system for domestic and commercial work. Ive noticed alot of you use trolley mounted filter systems Just wondered how many of you use van mounts?


No one then.

I think there are a few, but on average we do larger jobs than on your side of the pond. That means either a lot of hose or a trolley unit. My monthly house route would require several hundred feet of hose to accomplish or a trolley.

Most window cleaners over here have a hose reel with 100m/328ft of hose. I personally have a set up with 1 x 328ft reel + 1 x 164ft reel and a backpack/trolley system for hard to reach areas. As all the water is prefiltered its really quick and there is no set up time just reel out and work, no moving of the trolley. The work we do ranges from shop fronts to estate work to Multiple blocks of apartments. And a 140 gallon tank will last two people all day no problem.

We have been using van mts for 20 years and I don’t know why so many use the the other.
a van mt blows alway anything esle.
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Most of the RO/DI systems I’ve seen can be loaded and unloaded by one guy.

That’s certainly true of my RHG RO/DI electric 5-stage cart!