Van setup

Hey all I have a question about wfp setups. I have a 50 tank that will hold my pure water and 60psi 7gpm 12v pump and 300ft of 3/8 hose ready to go in my van. My question is can I run with this setup or just filter off customers tap.

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that’s a roof cleaning pump, not a proper wfp pump. you need something closer to 1 gpm not 7.

1gpm cool any pumps you recommend?

Look in our store under pumps. Get the pump box that come complete with everything but the battery. The veristream will conserve your water and battery. Please feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

[MENTION=2001]jab1472[/MENTION] I hope this doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way, but:

I would buy this pump (shop the price) and [URL=“”]a flow controller like this and you’ll save about $400 over buying the kit. $20 in fittings at Home Depot, a battery and you’re done.

Brennon is right. If you are handy, this will save you money. Brennon is awesome at putting systems together.

Can I just use a pump to draw from my tank and supply to the pole?