Van Signs

the other day there was some talk about van/truck signs. Magnetic, paint jobs, etc. The big thing here, So. Ca. (I sure it is elsewhere) is the “vinyl wraps” Had this done couple years ago and it’s practially all the advertising I do.

David Regan
Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, Ca.

Now thats sweet, what did that cost?

Very nice, I like the idea. I also like the chrome wheels. I’m putting chrome and new treads on my Dodge van. It looks so much like a Sears truck now I want it to stand out a little better.

nice touch. I like the photos. are they your own?

Yes very sweet! Thats the nice thing with the van. Everything stays inside and you have more room to advertise and get creative w/ the vinyl. Man i shoulve got a van.

Alex, yes I took the pictures. Answer to second question, $1200.00, but I know I got a deal, a friend was going into his own sign business and I was his first customer, I think the same wrap today would run about 18+. If anyone looks into it, be sure they use the vinyl put out by 3-M company. Avery also makes a vinyl that was orginially put on and it started to peel on the edges
(twice) My friend wasn’t out any money on the deal just had to reinstall the new 3-M product. Also, don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but on the back door there’s a business card holder…it’s a must have for everyone. I refill it everyday w/6 to 8 cards.

Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, CA.

Hey Dave, where did you get the business card holder?

the business card holder, genius. Never even thought of something like that. Ive seen magnats stuck on cars and vans though.

it was given to me by a real estate agent, but the name on it is THE CARD BOX. Sure enough go to - again a must have for the group. I use the see-through blue plastic business cards in it.

Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, Ca.I stock

What is see-through blue plastic? I assume that the cards don’t fly out when going down the road?

Here’s a pic of the holder, (it has a flip up cover on top) rain doesn’t get in and the cards don’t fly out…

Perfect Pane

I bought my logo for 50.00 from

The decals on my truck cost 750.00 for all four sides

The magnets are on all sides of my truck with a take one sign.

The footy holder is a grocery bag holder from the dollar store.

More pictures and wildlife in Florida at Orlando airport during installation of drain pipes.

Thats a sweet set up Ed… How many of those magnets disappear a day? Im so stealing that idea…

Thats a nice van that you have

It varies, but it keeps me working too. If I’m around back working they don’t have to find me or a pen and paper to write my number down. I usually back into driveways so the front mags disappear first.

Be sure to make the Please Take one big enough to attract attention. Make it obvious.

I like the wrap the best. You did a good job with design!

I like how you niche yourself with the “new construction” thing. Smart

I am anti on the rims. It almost makes it look low class and kinda boyish (in my opinion which means very little) However, if your main clients are contruction companies this could be a plus. Housewives?, not so much.

All in all, it looks great.

Anti on the rims?
Please explain?

the rims on the van…I bought this new after someone had purchased it 1 week prior and wrote a bad check, he/she had the rims installed (their lost)
…van repossessed and I picked it up for a song. Everyone has there ideas on appearance,I’ve seen alot of WC’s working out of a lot less than this.
Enjoy this site, enjoy all the feedback.

Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, Ca.

P.S. anyone want to buy some used chrome rims??? just kidding.

I’m thinking spinners for mine.