Vehicle Set Up

I am looking to reorganize my Ford Transit Connect Van and was looking for some inspiration here. What does your set up/ organization look like in your vehicle?

Let’s see your current set up

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I don’t really have one yet. I do pressure washing also and even though I have a trailer, I still use interior of van for some equipment. So basically I move stuff around constantly.

What year is your van? Do you have any shelving? I’d suggest getting some shelves put in, it would maximize efficiency and you’d be able to keep everything orderly. I had a transit connect with no shelves. Had tons of extra space being wasted

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I have a 2013 Ford Transit Connect (smaller one). No shelving. It’s bare.

Wooden shelving is a cheap and great way to organize your van

He has a great set up, can you upload pictures of your current set up so I can see what you’ve got?

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Mine is a mess but i love it!

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That is one hell of a set-up man. I like it a lot. That is very clean!!!

yes mine is a mess!

I love my Transit Connect! we got the rack system. We carry a 35 gal tank and a 30 gal, 2 reels two pumps and batteries. No need for any electric pumps at all! WaterFedPole Set up Ford Transit! Cut the cord! | Ford Transit Connect Water-Fed-Pole Setup! | By Alexanders Window Cleaning | Facebook

This, I saw today, would make a cool window cleaner/pressure washer set up.