Versa beam

I have had this on the NWCD for some time now. I keep meaning to put it on ebay…but really rather try and sell it to a window cleaner rather than an over-the-wall painter or caulker.

Anyway, the beam is in awesome shape and is for sell. Complete and ready for high-rise work.

$2k puts it in your hands (+ shipping $150+/-)

Can you fan with it?

I laffed so hard I had to run to the head. :slight_smile:

still for sale

I sent away for the free versa beam video about 4 years ago. At that time they were sellling for $1995. I’ll offer you $1k plus shipping and no question asked.

I say you spend the extra $995 and ask the question.

Has anyone heard for Dan Peice lately.

You still have vesabeam.
Call me 724-316-6661