Veterans - Free To Use In Your Marketing Material

I meant to do this on Memorial Day, but I forgot all about it.

If anyone wants to use these in their Markets Material let me know. I made these for my stuff and I will freely let others use them. I am giving permission to use, for free, in your marketing. I am not giving permission to make money off of them or to share with anyone outside of this community.

If you want a copy of the Photoshop file, or any specific format, let me know below or PM me. If you are a Vet and not a member of this forum…shame…shame…shame :wink: My contact information is in a recent post, I will share it with you if you go to the trouble of finding it and contacting me.

Chris if you want to list it on the shopping site, let me know. I’m not wanting any money off of it.

If anyone has a suggest to improve the design. let me know.


I realize your trying to keep it small but I think it needs a whole flag. Thanks though.

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I looked at doing that, but it took up too much space.

If you look at my recent door hanger post you will see the top png in the lower left corner of the door hanger.

If you need a flag, I could probably find the time to make one.

Thanks, Ive got gimp and inkscape, I’m getting proficient with both. Funny thing is I get the best response from 1/4 sheet black and white flyers. Who knew.


I’ve used gimp before…I liked it.

Never heard of inkscape, is it like gimp?

That’s interesting to know.

You’re talking about advertising for window cleaning or what?

And, is that flyers, door hangers, or what?

Inkscape is opensource (free) like GIMP. But it’s vector based editing, so good for stuff you want to scale up, like logos


Oh, got it, thanks for the information.

Yeah the quarter sheets are simple flyers. Even Saturday I put out maybe 150 flyers and got calls on the way home. One guy wants an entire house of solar screens fabricated and installed. I got ya sir!