Video: Economy of Motion Water Fed Window Cleaning : MEDIC

[video=youtube_share;zXyd-jvzxnc]Economy of Motion Water Fed Window Cleaning : MEDIC - YouTube

I LOOOOVE this kind of thing.
And I truly think that this is the essence of window cleaning.
Learning what feels right, what works best and listening to your body as it tells you what to do.

I am truly a nut about this sort of thing.
I know it sounds stupid, but there are times, that I can balance myself with just the slightest contact of a toe.

  • and I swear, it seems like I could just float.

But that’s the thing of stuff like ‘economy of motion,’ it’s something you have to recognize/become aware of/seek out.
Unless you pay attention to it, you really don’t end up getting the full benefit of learning from it.

I get guys who ‘blah blah’ about “X” many years experience.
Yeah, you may have cleaned windows at one point “X” many years ago, but you ain’t been doing it all day, every day since then.
(like I can’t tell the difference) :rolleyes: