Video: F9 BARC Concrete Rust Remover

[LIST][*]Rust on Pool Siding, rust stains don’t stand a chance with f9Available Here:…[/LIST][url=]

This stuff is insane… I used it last weekend at my house.

That is SICK!

We used on a pool deck couple weeks back. It worked instantly. I mean as soon as it hit the deck the rust was gone. Property manager that we have long ties even said we continue to surprise him. They had it washed several times but nobody could ever get the rust.

Yeah boy!

You guys know of anything to get rust off of awnings?

I don’t know off hand, but if you PM Craig Harrison He’s on the WRC forum. I’m sure he would be willing to answer your question. I had a chance to meet him this weekend, good guy.

Oh and the product is AMAZING!

PS- if he doesn’t get back with you PM me and I’ll give you his direct email.

This stuff is killer, it is the bomb that produces unbelievable results!
It is liquid gold …

Here are a few pictures bfr / aftr of a sidewalk I pw today, which I used BRAC F9.
It had iron well water stain which covered the entire surface.