Video: How To Do Metal Spline Screens Without Replacing Spline

[*]This is how I screen Andersen metal spline screens. Been doing this for nearly 20 years with great success. Hope it helps you.



It looks like your video errored out… If you send me the direct link I will get it corrected for you.

uploading to you tube and will post tonight. hope this will help someone.

Wow! I have been looking into how to do this for a customer. Please let me know when the video post to You Tube.

it is up
How To Repair An Andersen Metal Spline Screen - YouTube

This was made with my droid razor clamped into my vise. Sorry for the poor quality. And the screen was repaired on a work bench that is too small. this was the only place I had to make a video at this time.

thanks a bunch for this video. Had a few of these not too long ago and I always turn the old metal spline into curly fries. grrrrr. Makes it so much harder to reuse. Now I know the secret to keep the old spline fairly straight.

Nicely done.

Great video! I just cleaned a customers house with these types of screens. Holes in many of the screens. I will be contacting them about rescreening now that I have a better idea how to do the spline.

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Great video Patrick!
I had to turn down my first big screen job as my client has adnersen screens and some of the metal splines have been replaced with regular spline and she wants them to all match with the metal type of spline. I had to tell her today that her best bet was to go ahead and order some brand new screens. I think she was more disappointed than I was, she really wanted me to repair her screens. I have cleaned her windows twice and is very happy with my work.
Once again thank you Patrick for the great video.

What’s the plastic strip tool called? Do you have a link?
Very nice video.

zola tools calls this a gasket push stick. I have always heard of it as a windshield tool. not sure what CR Lawrence calls it. The original use for this tool is to install glass into tractor implement rubber like backhoes and cranes. One of the dumbest things I have done was install a window in the top of a crane cab while they where using the crane. upon further thought I will not do that again. They would not shut it down. things we do when young and dumb. In theory the tool allows you to pry the glass into the rubber without breaking the glass. sometimes you break the glass anyway. Window tinters use many tools not originally designed for tinting.

Here is a link to zola tools. they may have a minimum order not sure.


just googled gasket push stick and found it all over. It is also know as a bone tool apparently.

get a few of em the metal screen eats em up quick and they break. The old ones we used to get from Somaca years ago where great! good and strong! the new ones are not as good. The sticks from zola tools seem to be as good but I have not used it much yet. The CRL push sticks break too easy.

I am very happy that I was able to help everyone. I was reluctant to post this video due to the poor quality and my lack of acting skills. Anyone who has questions about screens, window tinting or glass repair of any sort feel free to PM me. I am happy to help.

I am planning 2 more videos.

one on the repair of an old Andersen plastic mutton or grid if you will. My Andersen dealer said that they do not make this type anymore and it would have to be replaced with a new wooden mutton. I fixed it.

The other video is on a couple different ways to remove window film or tint whatever you like to call it. Then I may cover re install of the film for anyone interested.

thanks guys have a great summer

Thanks Patrick, very helpful.

Nice video and technique.

I still would take issue with the possibility of the spline coming back out, as well as mallet dings on the frame and spline…

.250 foam core spline it is for me.

Unless your doing all of the screens, some people don’t like the look of some metal spline and some foam core spline.

This space for rent!

I never get mallet dings and the spline never comes out. Have done thousands of screens this way. Never once have I had an issue with either. I have used the big spline when the customer ruined the metal spline by trying to do the screen themselfs. The rubber or foam spline never holds in as well as the metal spline

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For those attempting this do not give up. It will take some practice. And always do opposite sides. Never screen in a circle. You may get away with that technique using fiberglass screen but not with aluminum screen. This is my opinion of course. Feel free to prove wrong. If it works for you do it!

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hey Patrick, bring on these videos and don’t worry about quality or acting skills. content is king!

it would be great if you could do your own series for WCR covering screen work, tinting (applying and removing) window repair, etc. Call it ‘Beyond Window Cleaning With Patrick’ or something catchy! [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION]

Yep for sure! Dont worry about the polish, just bring the videos we would love to see more!