VIDEO : How to Work Like An Athlete!

Here Dr Douglas Mills M.D. explains how our bodies are meant to be used at work…

This is a ‘glossary of terms’ type video - the ‘Watch This Video First’ in our series of videos relating to working with Injuries and using water fed poles…

There are two kinds of injuries - trauma and repetitive - I don’t hear of too many trauma injuries from water fed poles (making them safer than ladders) - but I am certain that they are potentially injurious over decades of use (as are ladders on the knees).

We aim to reduce that rusk of repetitive injury!

[video=youtube_share;d4dwTMFi-XE]MEDIC - How To Work Like An Athlete - Water Fed Window Cleaning - YouTube

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[MENTION=378]Perry Tait[/MENTION]

This is great stuff.

Very interesting…Would love to hear this Doc’s take on bagua zhang. A martial art with lots of rotating power movements.

He said ‘you’re talking apples and oranges’ - that is full body motion, compared to limited range of motion ‘injury groove’ movement…

Spin kicks and punches are done with an alignment - and it is still using power muscles for power…

The fighter sets up his position with the control muscles to put the body in the best position to fire off the power muscles…

"… this has nothing to do with our problem "

That’s straight from a voice message from the Doc - I hope it helps refine the difference…

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That makes sense. Everything we were taught to do back in my training days was from a “rooted” stance, very fluid, whole body motion.

Excellent video! Thanks Perry

Very interesting! I’d like to see a video of him use those concepts while using a wfp. It’s hard to picture staying in the neutral position he demonstrated while using a pole.

Definitely an important topic to keep in mind while working!


You cannot stay in the correct position using a Water Fed Pole - hence my concern!

A new video will be out today showing the problem - and we have designed some tools that we think make a huge difference!

I want to test them first on guys working with Injuries - if we can heal, or reduce the pain from existing injuries (no need they are ‘caused’ by Water Fed Pole usage) then it proves we can reduce the risk of injury!

If you work with pain, weakness, numbness, or loss of range of motion, go to /injury-survey.html

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