Video of Cleaning a Shade Structure (Often found around Pools, Play & Break Areas)

Here’s a video I took of us cleaning a Shade Structure yesterday around a pool area. Hope you find it helpful in finding new things to clean and grow your business. We were using a small pressure washer, but I think, it could also be done with a water hose with good pressure and a good nozzle and the right cleaner.


So Larry what do you have to say about that? I remember you thought using a ladder to reach them hard to reach windows with a water fed pole was a bad Idea. What about THAT? :slight_smile:

How long did the job take Wayne?

What kind of chemical cleaner were you spraying on it first?

We were using Deep Clean Awning Cleaner with about 1 part cleaner to 8 parts water. We pretreated the fabric with the awning cleaning solution and let it dwell for 5 to 10 minutes.

Tony, the job took 2 hours for the cleaning of the 3 shade structures and about another hour for the 2 repairs we did. We returned after it dried and touched up with white spray paint some of the areas on the frame that are showing a small amount of rust and that took about another hour.

I wouldn’t use pressure though. If its canvas, the a pressurewasher could embed the dirt even further. I just scrub it well with a strip washer or scrub brush then rinse, works great that way.

Hey Wayne,

Where do you get Deep Clean Awning Cleaner, and what do you charge for a job like that?

Thanks Wayne for the “new” (to me anyways) idea and for the great info.


I would agree with you if this fabric was a canvas material such as Sunbrella or vinyl, but a shade structure is generally made from a Heavy-Duty Knitted Fabric that has openings in the fabric for so small amounts of sun can go through it. So a soft pressure washing will not harm them.

Here’s a picture:

Nate, always happy to share with you. Deep Clean awning cleaner can be found here at WCR.

winsol Deep Clean 1 Gallon

We charged $1,500 for our services of cleaning 3 shade structures, 2 minor repairs and the paint touch ups.


Wow!! Thats my kinda hourly rate, I love anything that would allow me to charge $375 an hour. Now I just need to learn some more about how to do it properly (so I’m not buying new awnings for the customers) and finding me some dirty awnings out there.