Video: Window Cleaning Techniques-'French Panes' in the glASS

Making easy work of those annoying french panes

Wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to have a squeegee blade the same size as the French pane and just pull down once?

Normally I would agree with you. But the way he has his squeegee cut and dog-eared, I’m guessing he doesn’t need to do [U]any[/U] detailing. That’s a tough thing to accomplish with straight pulls. And if he has a lot of french panes of varying sizes, it could get tedious switching between squeegees.

That said, I love my set of custom length squeegees…

I could never leave that much soap and water on the frames. Good moves, though.

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i love to have different size of channel to do a one shot !!! instead of the whole move

Thanks. This gave me some ideas to try. I don’t always have just the right length squeegee for small panes.