Here’s a video i came across on the web…

Personally i don’t think this guy is a good window cleaner as he seems to be cleaning too fast for my liking and i can see a good few streaks.

However he uses some techniques, especially towards the end of the clip which i have never seen in practice…

Maybe these methods are in use alot over your side of the pond though.

I love watching these types of videos. some people are amazing. I can’t help but wonder how well these methods actually work though.

I’m sure most of these speed videos are done after a proper initial clean. I’d also like to see this guy do an 8 hour shift at this speed. Can anyone say “case of redbull.”

I bet Chris can.

Redbull makes me feel like I need a valium. And I definitley don’t need any vailum, so redbulls no good for me.

See image below… I just twittered this 2 hrs ago …weird

Ya. Saw it on Facebook. You know… the legal stalking place

oh yeah i forgot… that face book picks up twitters… jeez it is like legal stalking…

hey, how did you get that old video of me?

or a line of crack lol

I hit the link and got sent to an ‘adult friend finder’ website. I saw hundreds of images of half naked women. Many were outside my height-to-weight proportion ratio.

While others were…lets just say I never saw the video.

that videos an oldie but a goodie. speed videos are always fun to watch. I think we all have it in us to work like that for about 45 seconds until we putter out.

Yeah, I don’t have quite as many tricks up my sleeve as that guy yet, but whenever I’m doing a large window or sliding glass door, and I can see that the customer watching from the inside I’ll show off like that too. Kids LOVE it too.

I’d love to make a video like this and say you can do post-construction cleaning this fast too and…and…you can do it for 10 hrs with 10min break.