Videos used for selling?

Are you attaching or imbedding videos in any of your sales estimates? I know some will attach pics of sample work. What formats and when are you using video to land a sale?

I often use video to show strata managers the condition of their gutters. I just use YouTube and send them the link. This has helped maintain trust as they are not simply taking my word for it when I recommend gutter cleaning.

That’s a good idea as it’s very hard to check without actually getting up there!.. Think I may give it a go too :slight_smile:

I have been attaching pics of before and after shots of awning cleaning, power washing, soft washing. I have been recently considering using attached video to give yet another example of work. If a picture speaks a thousand words. One challenge is to make sure the video quality is professional and doesn’t detract from the actual presentation I am trying to make.

I have seen video for the showing of the state of gutters. I think that is a fantastic idea. We don’t really sell gutter cleaning.