Vinyl sunroom window cleaning advice

A little help appreciated guys/gals… I have a prospective client who wants their vinyl windows in their sunroom/lanai cleaned. I haven’t actually spoken to them yet on the phone, this was via posting on the “Nextdoor” app today. They mentioned trying Zep vinyl window cleaner and it worked great but don’t have time to do the work. So, I understand this isn’t like normal glass-w-squeegee cleaning, more of an apply and rub with a cloth type deal. Have any of you used this ZEP or do you have another product that is better or easier? Also how do I price something like this? Any pointers before I go to quote the job? Another neighbor of their’s is interested in having this done as well, so maybe this job will snowball into more referrals.

I have used glass gleam diluted in a spray bottle. Directions are on Container

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Not sure if you have done this yet or not, but those vinyl windows get weak (brittle?) after they age some and if subjected to sun exposure.
Probably a foam cleaner like Zep or Sprayway would work well on them, I think soap would leave a film residue? But towel wipe/dry would be best. Geesh, I haven’t cleaned those in so long I forget how they turned out…lol
Pricing I would go a buck or so above your standard price because of time and effort spent on them.


Let me put it this way. I clean windows for a living. And the house I live in has a vinyl-window sunroom. Every other window in my house is immaculate. But I don’t bother with those.


Thanks for the responses guys. As of yet they haven’t called for an actual quote, although we did msg back and forth a bit to determine exactly what they were made of, the plexi type hard stuff or the saran wrap. They are saran type vinyl, which honestly I agree with you Samuel, not something I’m too keen on.

I now remember having those on my patio, back when I had a condo about 15 years ago and they were always trying to split apart along the edges. I’ve done a lot of research about various restoration of marine/airplane/auto vinyl and plexi type windows though from this and gained some good information :wink: Always learning!


Sorry to bump this, but it’s too relevant. Gave a quote to a guy for the outside of his house and inside and outside of his Lanai. I assumed that the screens that were on there I’d be able to remove and then use my WFP on the outside and then hopefully clean the inside with squeegee, foam cleaner if necessary, but he just informed me that the screens are permanent and each pane has to be removed to clean both sides. I don’t have very much information on what material they actually are but he called them plexi glass. Anyway, not so sure I want to do it now… I told him I would stand by my original quote if I could clean them but that they might be something I can’t do. If they’re too flexible then I have to clean them with a different cleaner which I’m not keen on doing as it’s risky if what I end up using doesn’t work well. :confused:

I usually squeegee these. Very flexible stuff but comes really clean. Just watch squeegee ends not to poke into material. Pretty durable

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I squeegee them too. Just make sure you don’t use anything abrasive.

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NON AMMONIA. If you don’t know, ammonia will cloud plexi glass. I use Glass Plus on plexi glass, I think it’s fantastic. Used to use it for plexi glass podiums. Made them perfect. Just two cen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Careful with old vinyls, always ask how old they are, I don’t touch them if they are over 6 years and brittle.

Vinyls should be dunked in a window cleaning bucket with Dawn solution and a window cleaning mop. Drop the whole row in the bucket and clean them like peeling a stack of cards individually. This cleans the dirt on the frames.

Dry them off and clean with a vinyl cleaner or Zep. I’ve used GG4 on them alone and they turn out fine, you can use a huck, or if you are good just use a squeegee.