Virtual Assistant

Anyone hired one? I just need my billing done mostly

I’ve had one for years. She’s fantastic super nice and dependable.

Company? Did you have to train her on your crm

Yep - We just used a lot of screen recordings. The main advantage for us she works while we sleep. She sends customer tracking info, does reporting etc…

try fiverr

Depending on the cost, that money is probably better spent on a CRM, which usually makes billing like 2 clicks (which can be done in the homeowner’s driveway).

Respectfully disagree if that was the case business wouldnt need secretarias just because of software. Just because I havd the customer factor doesnt mean it doesnt take my time away

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Only you know which makes more sense for your business. We have 2-3 people available to answer calls during business hours, so the virtual assistant is purely after hours, and TBH, they make us look more silly than a VM box would more often than not. One of my tasks at the Huge Convention this year is to have a serious chat with them about the service. Unless they assign us the new folks, since they only do after hour answer/message service for us, then I wouldn’t trust them to invoice the most basic job for me, ever.

To be fair, this is my experience with one provider, and I know others in this space that may do a better job (hence having some talks with the current folks…), but I’m not impressed. Your mileage may vary.