Virtual Office Manager?

Just wondering if any of you guys have tried hiring a virtual office manager to help answer phones, schedule appointments, follow up on email and text leads, do outbound calls, etc.

Has anyone tried Pink Callers? I’m wondering if this would actually work better for our company than taking the time to advertise, sift, schedule interviews, hire someone, only to have them back out or quit so that we start all over. Huge time investment!

Any info you have would be greatly appreciated!

We use a company that gives us a dedicated remote employee. Gordian Staffing. They’re based in Mexico and it’s been awesome. She answers my phone, does billing and scheduling, etc. Message me if you want their info.

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Had my initial meeting with Pink Callers last week. Was impressed and are moving forward with them soon.

I want the information. We are about to embark on it. Ive been trying to hire someone forever and no one wants to work since the government is giving free money. Gotta do something.