Vision pure water additive and the injector

SO has anyone had experience with vision and the injector

Yes I have the injector. It is a storage box right now.

Yes the Vision work’s very well.

It leaves a Great shine on the glass, it does break the surface tension of the dirt on glass.

The injector seems very expensive for a simple downstream device, its $275 from the local suppliers.

Yes it’s very expensive in my opinion for what it is.

It seems like down streaming in general here got a lot more expensive, year before last I got a chemical injector for $30-35, now I go to the only people I can buy them from and they are $77, that’s high pressure but I know they still suck soap under low pressure as well.

My alternative I hoped would be my $25 savior turned out not to be able to handle venturi while feeding 150’ of hose, was fine with a short hose but was not a in line replacement. :frowning:

That is way cheaper then the $275, right. :wink:

but I still don’t know for sure if it will work under the circumstances I wish to use it under

Its rated to 3000psi or more and I want to use it with 30-50psi

Do they have spec sheet on the product that you want to use or a qualified person that can give you the information you need…

If you were state side I would let you try out the injector to see if it would work for the application your wanting to use it for.

Shipping cost would be a beast.

I have not used this, what I use in place of it is the pump in a box I built. This pump in a box is still serving many purposes and it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever built.

Not sure what your purpose is but we have used the pump in a box to add chemical through the water fed Pole. We will dilute the chemical in a 5 to 10 gallon container and the pump in a box siphons it out to the water fed pole, ae ond pole follows behind with purified water.

My process does take two people so the chemical doesn’t dry on the glass but for the limited number of times that I need chemical delivered to pole it’s been successful.


Thought I would shot a quick pic of the one I have.