Vista Print Free Stuff

They are having some pretty good free offers this week… Just got this in an email.

I get most of my printing from Vista and Overnight Prints. Vista has some great deals!

And if those Deals are good enough for you, Check out Vistaprint’s entire last months of Deals, Blowouts, Clearance Sales, Biggest Sales Ever, Free! Free! Free! stuff and Bonuses.$1/doc.html?email=WC%20Resource%20Rulez$/doc.html?email=WC%20Resource%20Rulez$c/doc.html?email=WC%20Resource%20Rulez

Find something you like and use the deal. Theres a few 500 business cards for free and tons of other stuff. And also watch out for other deals at the end of the order that they try to entice you into getting. Last time I order 1000 business cards, they gave me an offer to add 500 more for 3$. I have so many business cards now I cant give them away fast enough! Last order cost me >2.5 cents per card (including print on backside).

I get buisness cards from them (only because they had one I really liked) They kinda drive me nuts with the FREE! emails…

To be honest, besides their freebies, they are not the cheapest. Look around

thanks for the ad chris but where is the link for it? normally you need a unique url to get those prices in the system… thanks!

i’ve used vistaprint for about 3 years now, and if you only ever need to order low quantities or things [besides business cards…which i normally get 1000 at a time] there prices are pretty good and same with quality, i tend to get a free/cheap shirt, hat, pen, notepad everytime i order biz cards and it comes out to next to nothing.

I just emailed it to you. there was almost 10 links in the email.

Use any of the links I listed and just replace WCResourceRulez with your own email address in the url.

How in the heck did you not receive this email from Vista? I get 4 a week and I only order business cards.

I personally don’t like VistaPrint because, yes, you can get 500 full color cards for like 15 bucks…BUT you pay a ridiculas amount for shipping and they always add little stuff in there that costs more. Thier work is ok.

I priced it out with my local people, and it’s about the same cost PLUS you’re putting back into you community which always works well. They do a good job and I like doing things in person.

That’s just me.