Vista Print Shame

Anyone that has used and purchased products from Vista Print beware you may have a vistprintrwrds US charge on your credit card without you knowledge.

I found a recurring 14.95 charge from Vistaprint on my credit card. It is generated when you check out and a button that states for an additional 10.00 off push here. It gives you a month’s free trial for something (I never received any products for the charge) then if you do not cancelled it generates a recurring 14.95 charge on your card. Mine was charging me for the past 8 months. LOOK CLOSELY!

Vista was all too happy to remove all the charges and my credit card was also happy to remove them too. However this was a button that was pushed by me so it is not considered theft by the credit card company.

I wonder how many people push the button under false pretense and are billed for months before they find out. VERY SNEAKY!

Lastly, I spoke with a big wig at Vista (a publicly traded company) I explained how I would not do business with them again and how I feel this was unethical and shameful. Shame on Vista!

could have been an accident. This is not a perfect world with perfect businesses…I’d cut them a brake because they were more then happy to give your money back with out any problems, right? So they obviously didn’t mean to do that.

I know plenty of people that use Vista Print and love it.

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Ive been using vista print for my business cards, stickers, signs etc for over 2 years and havent a single complaint or problem with ordering. I also make 100% sure when checking out i double check things because most online sites try to sell you something upon checking out.

I got burned similarily with Pro Flowers during Christmas, luckily I saw in the fine print at the bottom the "terms of what I had clicked on and the 800# and canceled the Monday that they were opened (not open on weekends). It was some kind of discount buyer club/program and was a 9.99 a month charge.

I remember reading the same thing about Vista Print on a UK website,

My question is how could this go on for 8 months without you catching it. Don’t you do a monthly P&L and balance your checking account?

they “accidently” did it to me too…

I was none happy when I found their trick, but I still get my cards there. They have a rad design I love :slight_smile:

I have used Vista Print a lot and I have been very happy with the quaility, and the services. However, I have noticed on many many online ordering services, even my movie fandango site where I purchase movie tickets, many of them offer that 'Free item, or discount and if you push that button, it always involves a purchase of another product and often even that free trial of a product or service, means that if you do not cancel it, you will automatically be billed. I do not hit that yes button for anything, and if you might, first read those long boring agreements.

Joie - N. CA

I was warned about this problem from a company I now get my cards printed at, they have had a lot of people tell them about it. I doubt it was an accident but they happily refunded the money because you were one of the few people who caught it and cared enough to complain enough.

I don’t know if I said this before or not… NEXTDAYFLYERS ROOOOOCCKS! :slight_smile:

Oh they meant to do it check out this article.There are many others with the same problem. A great site for exposing other scams as well.

It is very unethical of Vista Print to do this. We all must understand it is designed to slip by our radar and give them money for nothing.

It is designed to rip us off.

What if we went to Target to buy a CD and we had $10 charged to our account every month? What if you knew it was their [U]intention[/U] to do this covertly (like Vista)

Actually I am so disgusted by Vista Print that I will NEVER use them again. Go steal a watch out of one of your clients homes and see if they are forgiving. Say “whoops, it fell in my pocket, here have it back”

Their prices are not that good to settle for this scam. I will gladly pay more to a ethical, hard working business.

I am done with them

I find Vista print makes you look unprofessional. The designs are terrible. Only my opinion though.

One is able to create custom designs. Then, only you can make you look unprofessional.

I recently ordered some cards for my mothers small store she is opening (the free ones) and after all of the upselling near checkout - there was a SAVE $10 today offer blah…blah…blah… Well it was obvious (in small print of course) that you were signing up for a recurring fee by accepting the $10 off. I am still amazed by people who don’t read the small print. There is no such thing as a free lunch…
I am always leery of special offers or whatnot - what’s the catch? I prefer to use a local printer, that way if there is an issue, I can just march right in and actually talk to a human (like a manager). Plus I believe in supporting small, local business, much like the companies that most of you here are operating.

Same happened to me, but vista print gave me a full refund with no problems.

you’re right Joie, just don’t click the yes button. I give VistaPrint thumbs up!

I use Vista Print quite alot for signs, etc. I have a few complaints but really compared to their inexpensive prices I can’t say too much. We ordered magnetic signs from them and it only cost $27 with tax for 2 signs. Whereever we gots quotes from around town they only would do 1 color, 1 place was $120. I’m happy with them for the most part. But any online company every one needs to be careful if something pops up do not click. It happened to me with something I never ordered from, I planned on ordering then didn’t but they had my debit card info. and used it to send to a different co. it took a while to get my money back and had bank fees because it overdrafted my personal account. I never got reimbursed fully. But I found out that it is always better to purchase with a credit card online, and for rentals, and hoteland airling bookings. Because a credit card company Will get all your money back.