Wagtail Flipper + Liquidator

Will these two things play together? A little modding wouldn’t be a problem if needed.

The PC handle works great with the liquidator. It’s my go to.



Been watching Polz and Bladz…damn that guys fast and DAMN that large channel move is useful and easy.

I’ve seen some use of the PC. Can you setup a flipper pad on it too?

Yeah you can fit the liquidator in the handle, it’s pretty much a standard sized channel with end clips. So the flipper pads will fit as well.

That said, the wagtail provides me with almost zero detail straight out of the box. I put a 45’ed channel on it and it’s perfect. I change out my channels often enough that having to take the end clips off to swap out would get annoying.

What is a pc handle I haven’t heard of that terminology for a handle type?

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Pivot Control - it has the black knobby thing on top. The other one is the slimline which is more slim. I like the slimline but I guess they recently changed it to where it’s wagtail channels only. So pc is the only option.

Thanks Jared,
I’m a trad window cleaner and am learning a lot about the newer equipment options that are out there as I am adjusting my business for more efficient and easier work for my clients.I am back out into the business because I love it and am passionate about it however I just reopened after twelve years of being away.Thanks so much for the answer to the question I love this recourse and all of the other cleaners on here have been a wealth of information thanks again!

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Hi Jared, both are still available, but if you’ve got a PC and want to turn it into the traditional Slimline unbolt the handle, remove the cap, remove the little black collet. Source a shorter screw and simply mount the bare handle under the disc…Voila! Wagatail Slimline.

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What rubber do you use? It’s taken me a while to get use to the whole liquidator thing…


Ettore. It takes a little bit getting used to the right angle and cutting your rubber just right, but once you do… SHA-ZAM!

Just ordered a 14 and 18 with PC handle and flipper pads to match all. I never realized how had a squeegie was to operate when its rigid…especially on a pole.

So I finally made my liquidator work as intended. Cut the channel from 18" to 16", no matter what i did with the 18 it was just too long for the material the channel is constructed from. I tried to straighten end flips slightly and made no difference the 18 will not finish out, as soon as I reduced the size of the channel it was night and day. It now works as intended, put it on my wagtail handle and works perfectly. However puts much more effort upon the wrist and found after I cleaned for around an hour my wrist was aching.
My go to handle I found worked best for me was an old ettore brass handle set up as a flipper.
I would use wagtail on a pole for the odd small to medium window, but if there was huge amount of large windows to pole I would prefer a 30" sorbo.

Here’s my Wagulator/Liquitail. Built today using the new clips that are being supplied with the “Precision Glide”. Lovely balance and feel on the glass. Excellent control. As you will see though I’ve butchered the original squeegee somewhat…

So I got my liquidator and wagtail PC handle, fixed it up with the hot water method, and its all put together real nice (Im not foreign to fixing or modifying stuff). I also butchered up the wagtail channel that I got as a complete wagtail unit (I ordered a pc handle and a slimline) and made some ears on it… Now I’ve got a problem, but not one anyone would expect…

I tried it all out, I can’t get the liquidator to perform detail-free, but my modified wagtail channel works great! I polished up the ends with my dremel and chromium oxide in case the ears contact glass (they do with wagtail rubber, but not unger rubber I have as its a tad taller).

Am I missing something with the liquidator? Using factory rubber, factory cut, haven’t modded it… yet (maybe). I like the aluminum wagtail channel because I can polish it up mirror like, and beat it into submission with a hammer!

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When you say detail free are you talking about the edges or other parts of the glass as well. Rubber needs to be cut perfectly flush with the end clips as well…any chance of a few pics of your mod?

Ya, detail free = up to the seal. it just seems like I have to really press on the squeegee to get it to get all the water. I’ll have to get some pics tomorrow. It almost seems like I need to decrease the flex of the ears on the liquidator, because not enough pressure is allowed to the rest of the rubber on the liquidator.

Anyone have a pic of liquidator ears from the extreme top? To see how much flex they should have.

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Some guys I know do straighten the clips a little. I have never felt the need. do a few straight side strokes on your normal fixed squeegee handle. This channel is designed to work with 40 degree handles so if you use an Unger or Ettore you will have to lift the handle further away from the window than you will be used to. You can do the straight side pulls with the Wag handle as well. The benefit of this is that you will work out what is the optimum distance/angle the handle needs to be at for clean blading. You initially may have to put a TOUCH of extra pressure but not much. I personally didn’t.If the weather is warm where you are you may find the Moerman rubber is too soft. Swap it out for something a little harder.

Awesome info, this is what I was looking for. I’ll try it out tomorrow.

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