Wagtail flipper

This tool rocks. I have spent the last month or so dialing in this little puppy and although it does have limits, it is still the first tool on the belt.

My WFP gets used #1 (I have a tank in my truck so i can wfp without need for water supply) but the wagtail is the inside tool 99% of the time.

anyone else use like this tool?

Hey Phil

We have been using it more and more as well. Mostly on commercial though.

That is where I use it. I do not do much residential…anymore. (whew)
Do you use the red rubber with it? I think I liked that rubber for that tool better than Ettores stuff.

It is very hot here and I use ettore…I think ettore is hard…but the slide/glide sux.

Do your guys pole with the flipper?

Yep we pole with it. Yea we actually just swaped it out For Ettore when the red rubber ran out…

Are you still using the original pad that came with it? For small mom & pop stores it’s fine but for jobs with plenty of high windows I prefer other methods. (visa versa or Backflip)

Fanning with this tool is great, even on a pole there is very little detailing needed.

Still, for me it’s not the number one tool in my bucket (for commercial). I’m leaning towards another toll but I still haven’t made up my mind yet.

BTW, for me the red rubber rocked. The Unger not so much. Next I’ll try Ettore’s rubber and see what’s what.

Just in case you missed my review on the flipper Phil.

//youtu.be/My Window Cleaning Tools, Reviewed Part5 - YouTube

The fact the /mop/ holds less water can be advantageous too. Insides, I do not want a lot of water.

But over-all, I agree with your review.

for outside you could just use 2 poles and use a 18inch MicroTiger that holds water well and wet all the windows you want and then use the wagtail on the other pole…maybe.
Thinking of trying the wagtail.

I wish Terry was here to laugh at you folk using the word “flipper” so much.

Once I got use to the (Flipper exchanged for ‘thingy’) thingy, I saw its’ value in speed…but also in less bending.

Thingy has helped me focus on economy of motion with less movements over-all to clean and squeegee a window.

I am now trying to figure out out to use thingy…from the car with AC on. :slight_smile: