Wagtail Highflyer (Window Cleaning) M.A.W

Best thing for that tool is if jaws did come along and eat it. Pad holds little water and Velcro wears away leaving your pad hanging off. It has a metal end so not good for pvc frames as it can scratch it if not careful and it looks like junk tbh, would be ok if it was a prototype but it looks and feels tacky. Unger, ettore and moerman are much better quality. My wagtail lives in a box along with other naff tools. But each to there own i suppose. Be fine for shops with bad frames but that’s about it. Even the uk’s largest supplier describes them as “junk” give this tool a miss and buy an unger, ettore or moerman. Funny weird video though :joy:


I like the wagtail. It gives me almost perfect results when I’m on the pole, no detailing. Yeah, it feels cheap, but you know I’ve never had it break on me. Maybe because I treat it a little more careful because it feels cheap… I dunno.

What I don’t get is why Wagtail has so many freakin different handles. I don’t like that nobby thing on the top, I like the slimline. Make one handle and that’s all you need. Also make them where they can use other channels. I use my dogeared ettore ss channel. Don’t care for the wagtail channels. It’s not that I don’t like the channels, I just don’t care.

In fact, you could reduce the line just down to the handle. Maybe beef it up a little bit so it doesn’t feel cheap - a few grams will go a long way. Maybe make a locking mechanism instead of the screw. Maybe make a clip which will pinch the mop instead of velcro then I could use any (modified) mop. Maybe make the mop clip fit ettore channels the best selling channel… in the world.

Moerman has come a long way with their line and it works as well. It’s just that I bought a wagtail before moerman came out so I stuck with it. The moerman feels more substantial and has the locking feature which is nice. But all I need the wagtail for is upper windows and I usually use a 12" ettore channel in it alongside a regular mop and regular squeegee.

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Yeah the wagtail looks and feels like it was made in a shed. I could make something similar in my garage lol. It’s like they developed it to around 60% finished then just released it lol


I used one of his handles to create a sill tool for wiping commercial sills (our sills get really dusty over here). We’ll see how the samurai goes and that might be next. But I’d need to source his handles to get it to market.

Or maybe Moerman. They’re totally up for new ideas and I’ve never even heard of a tool for sills.

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Credit where credit is due. Willie Erken pioneered the single point free pivot concept. Essentially a one man band his tools were developed with personal funding and some government grants. I started using them in 2012 when the PC (pivot control) was introduced. From out of the box, bog standard they work extremely well and are an absolute time and energy saver. The first squeegee that could be used in hand and on short or longer poles using essentially identical techniques and workflow. Willie also needs to be given credit for pioneering the attached pad as a ‘flipper’ pad enabling you to scrub and squeegee without dropping and changing tools. So let’s not get carried away because without Wagtail the Excelerator would not exist. I’ve always said the Excelerator is the Wagtail that users always wanted but Willie was either unwilling or unable to develop. The high flyer is Wagtails response to Excelerator I believe. Instead of tit for tat design improvements they decided to go in a new direction. Personalities aside? This tool has some really innovative ideas BUT like previous Wags has a prototype, unfinished feel to it. Once again users are modding the hell out of it and it’s only a matter of time before one of the bigger guys with deep pockets tidies up the concept.


Ok i understand what your saying but it’s like comparing a fiat (wagtail) and an Audi (excelerator) ok so the guy was a pioneer, fair do’s but the tool still looks and feels like garbage Luke will tell you that, bob hatt will tell you that and most of the UK lol in 11 years of window cleaning I’ve never seen someone in my area using a wagtail. They use ettore, Unger and now moerman, why? Because wagtail although maybe started as a good idea in today’s world is miles behind. As soon as i used one i saw the flaws. Crap pad leaves detailing and can scratch pvc frames. Thats why there are so many wagtail mod videos. The only time i would consider using it is on a job with wooden chipped frames that i didn’t want to use my decent squeegees on. The only folks that really like it are ones that can’t master the excelerator so the wagtail is an easy thing you can just throw around the glass but leaves plenty to detail. No one shows that in there videos, just flashy scenes of a wagtail flying around a large bit of glass. No one zooms in on the mess it leaves down the sides or lets you here the noise it makes on pvc frames with no seal. I will be doing a video this year on exactly what it’s like to use with no flashy sounds or edits. Since moerman released there tools 3 years ago nothing comes close now. By the way this is not a pop at you, just saying the tool is bollocks

If I start making videos, it’ll be after the supercop indian movies. A raised eyebrow and the screens fly off the windows. A nod at the glass and bam, it’s clean. I’d only ever lift my aviators on a construction clean and all the stickers and gunk would just run right off the window.

No probs. Not comparing them at all. Not defending Wagtails track record either. As you know I almost exclusively use Moerman. Just pointing out that we don’t distort the history of the concept and should continue to give credit where credit is due. Excelerator wouldn’t exist without Wagtail. Fliq wouldn’t exist without Flipper. Hydroblade, Xline Rinsebar and the latest rinse bar from RHG wouldn’t exist without the original Wagtail Jetstream. Keeping it real ensures that ‘towering egos’ are kept at bay and that newbies understand that there is rarely such a thing as ‘original’.