Wagtail Pad New Way to Attach Will Not Come Off

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]Here we have put the scrubber pad on the channel without using glue or Velcro.

No more worrying that it will fall off.

Our scrubber pad also holds more cleaning solution.

The good thing is that if you want to use the pads on your channel you can.


<O:p</O:p[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]Will make a few follow up videos.[/FONT][/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]

Close up how it works.[/FONT][/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]

How we made it.[/FONT][/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]

Then what type of pad was used describing how that was made.[/FONT][/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]


He man, I always enjoy watching your videos. Straight to the point, inventive, and um… That’s about it.



[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]If there is another way that any body thinks it can be done differently.

Or use other materials etc.
Would like hear, any input is good[/FONT][/SIZE].

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]Here we show you an easy safe way to cut the tubing long ways.

Make sure you have a sharpe new blade.

Once done then cut to length you want.


[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]As you can see that have put a different pad clip on as well.

[MENTION=5063]HE MAN[/MENTION]- I would never have thought of using screen with spline for this purpose. Genius!

[SIZE=3][FONT=tahoma]Next one will be show you how the scrubbing pad goes onto the channel.(Another way)

Will hold the pad in better.

Putting spline in to hold pad in did not work so good.

You can have scrubbing pad on a longer squeegee channel, will not come off.[/FONT][/SIZE]