Wagtail Rubber Review

So I bought a 9ft roll of “wagtail” rubber from the same people that make the swivel squeegee. I have plenty of rubber, but I had had to order at least $45 from so I bought some extra channels and thought, “Hey look, a new rubber brand, looks cool”.

So for like $17 I got it.


Out of the package I could feel that it was not a soft rubber, but not entirely hard. It had a very rubbery texture unlike Ettore and Unger rubber which had a smooth feel. It was orange which i thought looked pretty cool.

I put it on my 22 and 14 channels. I kept my Ettore rubber on my 18 and 12 just for a way to judge them against each other.

It worked great! It had a feeling of cutting the suds/water instead of pushing it down. Very fluid. Ran a long route and it didn’t need switching at the end of the day. Not even phased at all. I was impressed. My Unger rubbers are done after lunch and I flop them around to last.

Final thoughts:
Perfect for warmer states (Like Florida) because it’s a harder rubber, but not too hard. Glides nicely. Lasts long. I would highly recommend it.

Hope this helps for people looking for some rubber.

The Full line of Wagtail Products will be in the WCR Store very soon. Now accepting pre orders. I am pretty excited about the product. Shoot pre orders to [email protected] . You can also request more info and pricing.

Will Alex be wearing a Wagtail t-shirt in the near future?

I hope so. Do they even have wagtail shirts??? uuummm. If so, I need one or 10

We wore our Wagtail T shirts in Hollywood when we filmed the infomercial and all the producers/actors asked for a sample. We are printing new shirts in the coming few weeks, is black okay? The Wagtail bird is black and white.

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I want a Wagtail shirt!

here’s a quick update on the wagtail rubber.
I’ve been using for a week now with my 22 18 14 and 12 and i haven’t had to change any. wow. I wish they made a rubber cutter for rubber squeegees, do they?
but definitely give this stuff a try.