Wagtail squeegee vs Unger zero degree on a pole

Just the wagtail squeegee (no mop) vs the Unger zero degree with an angle adapter when needed. What’s the difference between the tools? Do we need both tools or can we use just one? My real question is, do I need a wagtail squeegee (without the mop) ?

The Wagtail will flow from side to side easier than a 0 degree squeegee handle.
Couldn’t hurt to try a new tool once in a while, you may like using the Wagtail. I’d say 90% of people who give the Wagtail products a try absolutely love them.

Check them out

The Wagtail changed my life - I can’t see anything coming close. If you want to enjoy window cleaning again - get one!

Wagtail for sure. What the Unger zero degree does, it does to perfection but a wagtail on the end of a pole does more in my opinion. Can easily switch up to feel like a zero degree (with angle arm) or a standard squeegee. Great for store front work getting around obstacles. I’ve never liked the zero degree squeegee used as a regular squeegee, only for specialty work. I can use a wagtail easily anywhere and it feels very naturally to me. it is a tool that takes a little patience at first but once you’ve got the hang of it you will appreciate it’s usefulness.

If it ever slows down this summer I will probably try to do a video series on the different wagtail models and how best to use them.

Hey Mark,
The video series sounds great. I really would like to see how they are used in various applications. I’ve seen your window washing training DVD and other guys doing their thing on YouTube using zero degrees and Wagtails and it all kinda looks the same. I’ll have to watch your DVD again it’s been awhile.

I have a zero degree for pole work that must be done side to side because sometimes awning frames are in my way or the bottom ledge is to deep to close out with a vertical stroke. Anyway, why would the wagtail be any better for that?

Have you ever put an angle adapter on a zero degree?

Yes I have and it works great as well. Now once you are done with the window that you used the zero degree squeegee on, with or without an angle adapter, what do you do with that squeegee? probably toss it into your bucket and pull out a regular squeegee for your other windows where as with the wagtail you just carry on to all your other windows and squeegee as per normal.

I don’t show the wagtail much in my DVD, I was still getting used to it and I also feel that people should still learn the basics with a standard squeegee before moving on to the wagtail.

Any other wagtail question just fire away. :slight_smile:

I decided to delete this post.

I agree with mark and Karl. The Unger zero degrees is a great tool and really handy to have for certain jobs, but for everyday work wagtail takes some beating. It’s easier to turn on a pole and it’s great as a hand tool.

The zero degrees on the other hand is great for jobs where you are cleaning the window using a pole from a distance with the pole horizontal. (Reaching over wide stairwells and stuff like that) Also it’s good for certain internal windows with deep ledges - you can close out better.

I carry an Unger Zero degree handle on my tool belt all day every day. When I need it for situations like the ones you just mentioned I take a channel off a regular quick release handle and slip it into the zero degree handle. I wouldn’t use a wagtail for that, would I?

Where does the angle adapter come into play? On your video it looks like you like to use it all the time, how come?

I recommend that you buy a Wagtail Whirlwhind from the WCR store. You won’t regret it. (If you don’t like the pad you can always remove it and you’ll be left with a Wagtail Slimline squeegee. You really need to use it to understand the difference between fanning with a zero degree swivel squeegee and fanning with a wagtail.

I have an angle adapter on the end of the pole (even if it is set straight a lot of the time) so that it’s always there if need be.
With an angle adapter you can create the zero degrees.

wagtail for me, for sure… but it doesnt hurt to have choices. Just get both and youll see how awesome the wagtail really is :wink:

I had a wagtail. I didn’t like it. Gave it away. Maybe I’ll give it a second chance some day. I didn’t want to expend the energy to learn how to use it. I like the zero degree on a pole when I need it and aluminum Ettore squeegees with quick release handles. The two handed method is something I am learning now.

i liked the original Unger 0 degree ,(the one that could lock in 7 positions). i never locked it but i find it pivoted much easier than the later 0 degree probably because the pivot point was a bit closer to the blade

i prefer my wagtail though

Looks like wagtail is leading, eh?

I think I have that one - it needs clips.

I was skeptical of the wagtail at first but my injury kind of forced me to use it. After about 2 weeks I was pro. It DOES take getting use too. If you have been using regular squeegee and pole for years of course there is a learning curve. But on the pole nothing beats the wagtail. I used it yesterday at my chapel job.


I personally like hard rubber also, but hard rubber performs poorly on a regular squeegee for me.

Do you mind if I ask what kind of injury? Why is the wagtail better with an injury?

yes thats it, the handle of it is exactly the same as the one on the Unger swivel mop. the backplate on the original does not grip the channels very well which is a real pity ,but it swivels good on a pole


Well my wrist gets a little achey and I have a touch of carpel tun… no im kidding. I massacred my ankle and ended up in a wheelchair for 3 months. Wagtail helped me stay sane in a way, made me feel a little more usefal


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I fan with an unger 0 degree swivel lock all the time. I find that it is a very natural movement to me, just twist the pole to swivel in the direction you want. However, it does not fan well when you are trying to fan glass too far overhead because it is too hard to get the right angle, you would need to stand very far back. (it works great on skylights however). I haven’t used the wagatil yet, but I’m guessing that the difference is that the wagtail has an angled head. I’m thinking that it would be similar to the 30 degree swivel lock?

I really want to try the Mr. Long Arm contour pro plus - a curved pole with a squeegee that spins. From the videos I have watched it seems like it would work better than the wagatil. But I guess I will need to try it myself as ideas and reality don’t always mesh.