Walgreens Account

Does anyone here know which National Cleaning Company won the Walgreens Account?

NEST International obtained them.

So if you want to clean any Walgreens, you probably have to do 200 of the stores (at least) and probably do them very cheap? Would this be correct?

If a lowly window cleaner wanted to do 3 or 4 right in his area, would they have any luck calling NEST?

Not necessarily…When they obtain a large account like that they open the bidding up to all of their vendors through a mass memo.
Reach out to Frank…He’s one of the main guys there. Most of the time if your price is right they’ll assign it to you even if one company can
do more. Get signed up as a vendor soon so you can through you name in the hat.

I haven’t heard one single good thing about NEST.

Have you had any good/bad experiences with them?

We do quite a bit of work for Nest and I have to say they have been fantastic with us. Easily accessible, return our calls or emails, call us when new work is available with a very good shot of getting it, pay us timely. I have to say though, we have been working with them for years and developed a relationship with them that comes over time. They are better than some of the others.

Been with Nest for years as well never had any problems .Also got the call last week to bid on over 100 walgreens.

Maybe NEST has gotten thier act together in the last year. I did work for them for probably 7 or 8 years and it just got worse and worse for me even though my main contact was the same the whole time.They wanted to pay me $25 for a Sleepy’s that I bid at $160, even did their footwork for them taking pictures of the place so they could see it for themselves. They’d also ask for measurements of the total width of prospective accounts, not allowing for height or 2nd and 3rd levels in the bidding. At least some are having good success with them. It got so ridiculous for me I ‘fired’ them.

I just lost my Walgreens accounts. I can assume Nest won’t call me for a bid, I told every one of their sales people to take me off their list, they used to call me a few times a month. They would only pay half of what I bid any of my jobs for.

I have dealt with 5 NSP’s and had not one good experience, I have pretty much refused to work with them anymore and it has hurt a bit financially, but it’s worth the peace of mind not having to babysit them all the time with their ridiculous demands.

I think there’s still a thread about NSPs on this site.

It would be a dream come true if every window cleaner out there refused to service windows for NEST and others, these horrible structured NSP’s would dissapear, I know, it’s only a dream…

I can’t imagine how a person would have a good experience with nest, unless they really enjoy getting paid late, treated like a minimum wage employee, and paid poorly.

does this mean my 10 walgreens are going to cancel on me :frowning:

I have been working with NEST for about 4 years and they are great to work with. They always pay on time and are fast at returning emails. I wash probably 100 stops a month for them.

Steve Spung
H & S Window Cleaning