Walgreens is a joke lol

Must towel dry all window sills, so there goes the wfp and there price just went way up and there telling me what chemicals I can use and that I need to provide a msds sheet. Also must use hot water machine for sidewalks. Anyone mess with jobs like this? My buddy got the email too, I told him I’m out and good luck. How ridiculous lol

Did they say how much they were willing to pay? A few years ago they wanted all glass for like 25 bucks or something stupid like that.

Everything scraped from the glass! Ha! That would be a bill, since it would be a mini ccu the first time…

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That is what I only clean residential.

Residential is so much easier. I would have passed on the job too!

I couldn’t even do the mirrors for what they wanted to pay.

The RFP looks similar to most, some Facilities Manager somewhere must’ve wrote it based on prior vendors I bet. The scraping shouldn’t even be on there, you can get that off of it I’m sure…but honestly, I’ve seen many of them like that.

Just speak to the one paying it out, and find out what they expect. Every single one I’ve got like that was a bunch of bull that they didn’t even care about anyway. Thats kind of funny about the oil removal tho, and biodegradable? I know nothing in that category that does its job.
MSDS’s are standard tho, you’re supposed to have a copy of whatever you are using with you or the techs on the site where its being stored and/or used.
But them telling you how you’re gonna do it was a kick too.
Is this an all night gig or what? Set up alone will take an hour or so wouldn’t it?

Lmao :joy:. Do you actually think they’re going to go An check see if you towel dried them.
I laugh at all these stupid requests these National companies demand on therr work orders. Check In with the managers… Ya ok :ok_hand: lol.
Give me a break. Just accept the job an do as you do. What are they going to do
Take you to court for nit checking in or not leaving water in the ledge .

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Ditto. When someone tells me how to do my job, when I know that my way of performing the work will achieve the same results, usually in less time and more safely, I just smile, nod, and go about doing it my way.

And you have to read into the reasons for the directions. They want sills wiped because cleaning them traditionally without wiping leaves a soapy, sloppy mess. Wfp should not. And clearing the sills with a small squeegee can usually be just as effective as a towel wipe.

Similar things go for the other instructions. What’s the underlying goal? And how can you achieve that in your own way?

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Um excuse me Mr … it says here to towel dry an you sir used your squeegee.
Lol ! Imagine​:flushed::roll_eyes:

Dude … What are ya bucking for a promotion !!!

Ya man … do it your way if your way isn’t good enough then let them find someone else.
Needs to done by second week of the month. Ok sometimes they will be , sometimes they won’t be. Problem ??
Not in my book !!
I respect if they say get your work order to us by the 23rd of the month. Now that’s a reasonable thing to ask.
Out of 8 years of doing an account that wants it by the 23rd I was late once. An with an apology along with the work order.
So , just ignore all these things an if the price is fair …do the job your way not theirs.

Right on Alex :+1:

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We had a chance to land about 6 Walgreens back in 2012. They wanted 90 day payout and only was willing to pay $30 per location. I let my competition have it and not make money.

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More than likely if it’s Walgreens it’s through Nest. One of the worst in the industry. Lot of demands an always shit pay.


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I think I have said this before. 98% of my storefronts are NOT franchise corporate accounts but are individually owned. I don’t even waste my time on corporate anymore. If they come to me and no national pay company is involved like NEST, I might give a quick quote. But my focus is always on independents. And then I find the most profitable are those with only five to fifteen plates every other week.



The voice of experience has spoken. .

“we figure people want our business so bad that we can dictate that
we think we’re so smart we will not encumber ourselves to actually hire an employee and pay taxes and benefits, ugh who wants that? but it’s what we really want, an employee
so we’ll act like we’re hiring a company
but we will treat them exactly as employee, making them “clock in and clock out”, dictating the systems for them
we will not pay more that what an employee with benefits and taxes would cost us
we’ll just find someone that will buy, store, maintain and use the equipment for us
then we’ll make sure we make 180 days worth of interest on the cash in bank we refuse to pay invoices with for 6 months, cause this is better than an employee that we actually have to pay on time each week
it’s so great, it’s just like having an employee or an in house maintenance person for our stores
but it’s a contract company we hired locally! we support local business and all you know
we just did someone a favor, we’re so great”

extreme sarcasm

meanwhile the company working at below market rates can’t make enough for a proper balanced budget to run a business, pay self a fair wage and cover the taxes and benefits that big corp is getting out of paying

ugh, so lame


@Bruce that is the best summary of this situation I’ve ever read!

Not all are like that… but many are.


I would have HELPED Walgreens find a competitor to do the work.