Wall of windows

So been working a part-time gig to get through winter when one of the buildings I now have has this wall of windows. You could pole those windows but the angles look like it wouldn’t be too much fun. And would a ladder work on this and how would that work? I don’t think a window frame could support too much weight.
Anyways just pipe dreaming for summer and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Genie Lift.


Use a ladder bro, standoffs and go from the side walls. Set your ladder on the walls with standoff and you should be able to reach each half in one set. Or just set your ladder on frames you should be good, I’ve done it plenty of times on window walls, no problem.

Do you have a multi ladder? If not get one, its gold in this situation. I got the kpro 26’, I could extend it all the way up as an A frame ladder and take care of business easy.

14’ to 16’ A-Frame ladder

Thanks for the input guys! :slight_smile:
@LoveGlass. I never used a genie lift. Wouldn’t I need to worry about the carpet area?
@Rockward right now I just have a small multi gorilla ladder. I was just worried about weight pushing against those frames that already have that weight on them. But like you and @TSServices was saying about just using a big a-frame ladder.

I think I would be tempted to try and pole it. The atrium might be the tight spot for a longer pole, but I’d give it a shot.

If your gonna make it in this world, gotta learn to work the pole…

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The space outside would work but with how tall the wall is how you going to have enough room to lift up to clean out the window with your final pull without hitting anything inside?

I’m not really following your question, but I would pull top to bottom for the most part. If you had a second pole, I would keep it ragged at the top to dress up the glass when each pane is done.

I’m not saying for a moment that it would be easy to do. It is likely to be awkward, but the practice and education from it would be great.

When you finish out a window with pole work you have to lift to finish out the window (sorry the phone likes to add words) and that seems like a tall feet to do when it’s that tall inside.
Do you just stand a certain distance away or you just bring the pole down with you while you’re closing out the window

Use a ledger if you have one.

I love using poles. Guess you could call me a stick man. Don’t use ladders anymore. My friends have been breaking arms, shoulders, and backs falling off ladders and roofs. Not good. I don’t want to be next. But I did use ladders for 33 years before I stopped four years ago. The tools we have today, Moerman, swivel ledgers, zero degree, Sorbo, etc. have made pole work very easy. Plus I have a hack saw and a hammer, so I can “alter” my own tools. Wish I had a welder.


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Would love to put this pic in my Instagram. Do you mind?


@TexasRich will try one thank you @Henry if you want, go for it

Hi Folks, Am back from winter wonderland. It was 6 below Sat. when we came home. I suggested a Genie Lift because the windows look about 30 feet tall, which a Genie Lift can reach with ease. They can be rented in your area, delivered and picked up. This is the kind of project that does not need to be done weekly, but maybe once a year. The lift has outriggers that go to the floor. Scraps of carpet can go upside down under outriggers to pad floor. Genie lifts are designed to go through a door, as I see 4 set ups. With the lift, one can get nose to glass and have all equipment at fingertips. Have used Genie lifts for years working lighting and cleaning thirty foot windows with ease and safety. One can pole and ladder too. Just thinking outside the box. Money is always an issue. Figuring these things out make you a great window cleaner. Adam, let us know how you did it. Then, you will be, “The Man.”:trophy: