Want a Kick in the Arse, Check This Out

This kid sold over 1000 books on a free craigslist post (banking well over $20k) This kind of drive and intuitive nature is rare, but a 16 year old kid doing this? Inspiring

It shows what we can do if we just do it.


I didn’t read through the entire site, but how do we know this is true?

I know of him through marketers. He is real

Hmm Yeah I have heard about this kid to. Interesting… CFP let me ask you… I notice allot of these marketing sites seem to be laid out in the same style narrow page. White background and black text… Real far scroll down. Do you know what thats called or why it is done? I have seen at least 2 dozen times.

Separate pages feel more convenient/comfortable to me – I hate that scroll-down-forever deal…

I know what you mean Larry, but these type of pages work well for info products. In fact nothing works better.

Here is the thing, info products usually hit a nerve and if it hits your nerve you are not clicking away or clicking to other pages which would kill the momentum. Every great marketer has these types of product pages. They have them for a very good reason, they work and they maintain your focus.

It always feels so phony to me – the exclamation points, the highlighted text, the testimonials from people with only a capital letter for a last name, the limited-time offers, etc.

I agree again… but they make A LOT of money with these sites. Far more than multiple page. I think most over do-it also, but the numbers tell a different story. I buy great stuff from these sites all the time.

Some are bs of course… I have some [B]wisdom[/B] with that

OK – the sites make money. But do real people make sustainable money with what the sites are selling?

100% agreement! I don’t walk, I run from these kind of sites. They remind me of Herb Tarlick from WKRP. Plaid pants, white shoes and slick hair. No thanks…

So you are the website success doctor, Paul?

You mean like this:

And this:

I’m sure the narrow width is to make it very easy to read.
Black text on white background is what we’re all used to. Again easy to read.

Because it’s easy on the eyes, it makes it even easier to introduce an idea, product, system and build upon it as you go. Each section gets better and better. Even the smart skeptic can’t help but feel like you wish everything you’re reading was true. It sounds so…well sound. LOL

We all could learn a great lesson from these sites. Whenever you land on one of these pages, read the whole thing. If you feel even remotely like you’re being pulled in, print out the entire page and start making notes. What points really struck a nerve with you? What got you excited? If you weren’t such a smarty pants, what section/paragraph/sentence were you almost ready to open your wallet to?

er, no

Good question, I have a good answer…

It depends on the person buying the product. Sure there are lemons out in cyberspace, but it all boils down to implementation.

There is nothing people can buy that will do the work for them. Most people buy books, programs, seminars and do nothing with what they learned. They in return get nothing (and usually blame it on the product).

Technically, if we were to learn and apply the theories of Think and Grow Rich a lot more of us would be rich, but we don’t and we aren’t.

I don’t think the marketers are worried about the few of you who think they are full of it… they are going to the bank, like it or not. They only want to tap a nerve of the right people. Larry and Steve are not the right people. Much like window cleaning. Everyone could use it, but very little get it done.

I did this same thing about 2 years ago. Me and a buddy designed a website and said all the same stuff, and made some good money. We listed in craigslist in every city, in every state.

The catch is…they sell you an E-Book that explains how to copy what they did, of course not entirely, but close. We sold them for about $10 and sold about 200 a week. To many people started doing it (as it should be because all those people started doing it and got other people to do it and started a huge frenzy on criagslist).

We stoped because craigslist started catching on and made sure you only listed in on place and other things that made it hard.

SOOO…for $29.95 you get an idea on how to do the same thing this kid did. Of course you have to build your own website and do all the google adwords and adsense. All you get is an idea and nothing else.

an idea can be worth a million dollars :wink:

p.s. this post is not about the product. It is about someone making something from nothing. This can be done by any of us.

Originally Posted by Steve [I]So you are the website success doctor, Paul?


Weird. There is a guy named Paul who is stealing your ideas on [URL=“http://www.copywritersboard.com/member-content/10372-dont-afraid-fail-heinz-wasnt.html”]This site

It appears identical to what you posted on another thread here.

It’s also appears on this guy Paul Gram’s website here

I thought there was a connection, sorry!

Gimme Dr. Johnny Fever instead.

Yeah, but he wasn’t as cool as Venus.