Want some squeegee pics?

Larry , just watch the apple commercials or go to apple.com

Much better than a pc.

Damn Bill Gates

SOOOooo true.

I love macs (music production)
I have a pc.

I LOVE (LOVE) [SIZE=“6”][FONT=“Book Antiqua”]BMW[/FONT][/SIZE]'s
I have a Hyundai.

Now that was Funny

I love macs (music production)
I have a pc.


I recently bought a PC, too, last fall (2007), simply because the comparable mac was DOUBLE the price. I wanted the Mac, PC was better value for $$.

22" monitor
300 GB hard drive
3 GB ram
Intel Core 2 Duo chipset

PC $1800
Mac $3500

(of course, comparable, not identical, is the key word)

Coolness and fun-ness have their price, and it’s substantial.

I wish I could justify the high cost. Maybe one day.

Noob question here…

What is GTA?

Greater Toronto Area.

I was hoping to get the observations of a forum member, rather than view an advertisement.

“Better” is subjective.