Want some squeegee pics?

Just a thought…

If anyone (outside the Toronto area) would like to use the images from this webpage on my site, please go ahead and swipe them, and use them as you wish for your online or offline marketing.

Especially the “action-shots” of the actual cleaning process, lower down on the page.

Go ahead and insert your company name too, no worries.

Sorry, GTA folks. Gotta sit this one out.

i like you used shots of french windows Kevin, unlike so many other guys…myself included that use action shots of large windows… good idea!

Do yo guys have mostly french windows up there?

Nice shots Kevin

Thanks for the offer Kevin,
I might take you up this. You should be a hand model :slight_smile:

Hope your not offended if I crop your name away from your Squeegee/Scrubber pic up top. I have been having eye sex with those drop shadows for a couple of years now.:smiley:

Thanks bro…

Chris ~ We do very few french actually, but I figured I might as well show that we easily can. It helps too, when talking on the phone with prospects, for them to see a photo of exactly what a ‘french’ window is.

Louie ~ go ahead, man. Take anything you’d like.

In fact, anyone can take any pics they’d like from my site. (outside the GTA, sorry)

Your alright for a canuck…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Kevin that is really cool of you. My big question, i am very computer illiterate. How do you swipe the pictures from your website? I have a mac can you give me an overview?

Yo Big B

On the mac just hold down the CTRL button

Click the image

Then click “save Image as”

It should dump right to you desktop.

Yes!!! Its On!!

Enjoy. Use as you wish.

Wolverine was a Canuck.

Thanks Kevin. You are very generous.

Or just drag the image to your desktop BIG B, Apple’s are da bomb,

No worries, Manuel.

More free stuff on the way…

Dude I didnt know you can just drag the image to your desktop!!! Never will i go back to a pc. My wife is a 3rd grade teacher so we needed a new computer, we got a Mac and i couldnt be more stoked!!

I too just switched over to the mac about 6 months ago, PC’s are garbage in my mind.

Macs are like BMW’s
Pc’s are like Hyundai’s

Doug: Why do you like Macs over PCs?

no viruses,your mac does not slow down, you don’t need spy ware or anti virus installed, brighter screens, your mac does not take 3 or 5 minutes to start up, you can open all art work files with out buying special software(Adobe Illustrator etc)

you don’t have to wonder what windows vista fits your needs, macs only have one operating system, no home edition,basic edition, professional etc.

If you wanted to run windows on your mac, you can do it, but who want to fight with a windows operating system… Not I

Ohh and way better graphics too…

well worth the extra $$$$$$

In what way?

I second everything you just said. My wife had a mac laptop before we bought the new mac osx and it never got one virus. That alone is the bomb. Im still trying to learn all the things that the mac has to offer, and im just blown away with how easy it is to use, how you never have to load drivers and stuff like that.