War Is Declared On Craigslist!

Well, a war of whelps…

Here is an ad some desperate window cleaner posted followed by an ad a more desperate window cleaner posted-


I clean windows and am starting a new window cleaning business i want to give you 30% off your bill from last year WHY? you ask? i want your business!! refer 3 friends and get one cleaning free this year!!! hurry and get on the list now for spring!!! i will post again in a couple of weeks but if you hurry now it will be cheaper and i do just as good of a job!!! i have experiance in window cleaning and will do a good job let me prove what i say i can also clean blinds, i hope tp hear from you soon to get you down for spring cleaning!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Free Window Cleaning / 30% off Window Cleaning SCAMS Beware SCAM[/SIZE]

—> Windows Cleaned for Free…
—> Window Cleaning 30% off…
—> Window Cleaning 1/3 off last estimate…ect…


If someone tries to scam you by offering some
rediculously LOW COST Deal…


Smears, streaks, and splotches are no discount.
Scratched Windows, Broken Furniture, Spills and stains
on your carpet DO NOT give you satisfaction of clean windows.

Stay with the professionals who charge appropriately.
The cost is correct for the service thats correct.



A Freindly Reminder for you.

Call Your Freindly Window Cleaning Professionals
-Fish Window Cleaning
-Dayspring Window Cleaning
-A Perfect View Window Cleaning
-Daves Window Cleaning
-Acme Window Cleaning
-Marks Window Cleaning
-Jack and Joes Window Cleaning
-Carins Window Cleaning

I think I am a little hurt that Fish is mentioned, but not my company :frowning:

Some of you may think the first guys prices are crazy, but that is not the point. The vicious attack on some guy who is getting no work and will never get any work is the idiocy of this whole thing.

Pros do not stoop to such levels. I hope all companies start going with “I have the cheapest service available” path. That would be awesome!

wow! Anyone get business off craigslist?

A couple years ago I got a job off of that site. Come to think of it, he was weird as hell lol

I notice that in the attack ad that Fish is listed first on the “quality” window cleaning companies to call… I also notice that Fish posts a lot on craigslist (the only one of those companies mentioned that do). Interesting…

That second ad is pretty blunt. I wonder which one of those mentioned companies that person works for.

I wonder why that person doesn’t believe in spell check.

CFP, I am glad to say I don’t know these guys, as I didnt make the list either.

I took a look on Craigs list and there are like 4 companies that are posting their ads like every other day.

They are a little behind on news as Jack and Joes have gone into the FRANCHISE biz with their new name… only like 2 years ago.

another thing about this bashing BEWARE post is that it adds skepticism to every window cleaner on there now. If I were looking and came across that, I would go look in the yellow pages for a “real” company.

I don’t get the anger the poster has, I mean who gives a crap

this idiot placed another BEWARE ad after they removed his last silly asss attempt.

so, this is what he does instead of looking into ways to grow his business?

Never posted and ad on the list for my cleaning services. I have posted items for sale but to be honest the responses I got from them were from nut cases. Heres and example. I have a Bosch Range I got from a friend who works for the company. I wanted to put it in my home but it needs 220 and I just did not feel like doing the work to get it up and running. The range is listed for no less then $2800.00. It’s a high end home unit that a pro can cook on. Anyway I toss up the ad for $1500. The thing is still in the box brand new. You can’t beat the deal as it still has the warranty. The responses I get from the ad. “Would you take $100.00?” LOL “Can I cook a 20lb turkey in this?” “How heavy is it? Will it fall through my kitchen floor?” “You live in another state from me, would you drive this out to Texas if I paid for the gas? I don’t have a truck.” lol Anyway I thought they were stupid and funny. The range has the largest oven you can buy. I’m sure it would fit a 20lb turkey. An the guy in texas got this response from me. “How can you not have a truck and live in Texas? I thought that was a law in texas? I thought in order to get a drivers license you had to own a truck with a gun rack, beer holder and confedeate flag in the back. No?”

I despise Dregg’s List because of clowns like this guy. It follows perfect suit. They charge so far below FMV that they have no choice but to use CL or other free advertising resources. The cycle they get themselves into is exacty this. They have to keep whoring themselves out to beat the next guy that comes along and undercuts THEM. It’s a sure fire path to bankruptcy. Some guys will never get it.

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