Was asked to fix leaks on storefront system?

Was asked to fix leaks on storefront system. I am a licensed commercial glazier so I am more than capable, however my question is… Can I legally do this work under my window cleaning business or do I have to get creative on my wording for the invoice I send to the customer?? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can do the work. Just bill it as whatever you want to call it.

I do cleaning and repair work. A long term client had uppers with bad seals on windows. Heavy rains would leak inside onto the floor. I clean everyfew days so they would try to mop up or dry with towels. When I tried to get them for me to do the outside windows they did not want to spend the money just yet but asked if I can repair the seals. Simple commercial sealant. Don’t know anything illegal about that. Unless you live in a state where every little thing requires a license to authorize you only to do 1 type task. I clean, repair, landscape, interior decorate, trash removal, PW. Whatever they want done and I can do it, I do it. The gov’t just wants tax. They dont look at your invoices and go over every line saying windows yes but glazing, no sorry you cannot claim that. Here is a fine. If you have a specific ins saying clean windows only then you may need a more general policy for janitorial and/or repair.
You are licensed! That is your ticket right there. You are certified or at least paid a few bucks for a card saying you can glaze. So legally you can. If it is an ins issue the old saying "what the ins company doesn’t know. If you are the type that calls your ins agent and tells them you did not garage your car a couple of nights so please raise my rates because I parked in the driveway then you probably wont do this. :slight_smile:
Just CYA and see if you need add repairs to you policy and will it change anything. Did you do glazing before in a business or for a business you were employed at? Tell the ins you clean windows and do minor window repair. See what they say. Maybe you have 2 business WC and a repair if your state is a bit weird about it. I think you are good to go but lets see if other WA folks know of some law or stipulation we are not thinking about. You have a very handy skill. Glazing, caulking. One of the big enemies of bad glass is bad sealant. Causes many problems. You can make PITA glass happy again.

I dont see why not.
I worked as a glazier for a while.
I have done some window/glass replacements for my window cleaning customers
I Just add another line to the invoice stating what has been done.
Think of it as a “addon” service

Thank you for the input sounds like I was big dealing the situation. Im going to be taking care of the job this weekend. I appreciate all the input and help.

One last question. Being in Washington state I’m unaware if i should be charging tax for labor? I did the job for time and material?? Thank you!!

Sorry I meant “collecting” tax