Wash-it leaking

Hey guys was wondering if someone can help me. My Wash-it is leaking right at the supply line right where the hose connects. I took it all apart and re Teflon taped the fittings and made sure there is a hose washer inside the fitting.

Any ideas?

Replace that fitting?

Not yet that was my next step. Trying to save a trip to the store.

Looks like cracks from freezing…

definitly aliens


The brass fitting works like a compression fitting.If you male garden hose is not reaching the bottom female threads the swivel female will leak. Make sure the swivel female threads are tightened all the way down. If that does not fix it call me and we can order you a new fitting.

I think that was it Matt. I forgot it in the van one night when it was pretty cold (by Vegas standards)

John I went ahead and and replaced that fitting with a non swivel. I may need a new top cap though it’s just barely leaking there.

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Try using two washers.

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I good idea for any fitting that you use daily it to get some quick connects. A good set of brass garden hose quick connects can save a lot of aggravation in the field. If you have a designated hose you use to hook to the inlet, just keep a set of quick connects mounted and you’ll have to mess with these fittings less and less.