Wash-it pro or RHG-EZ pure dolly (ro)

Hi I have tds of 260-300 in my area of work looking at getting one of these 4 pure water systems WASH_IT PRO, RHG-EZ Pure Dolly(RO), IONIC Quattro or [SIZE=2]WTS3_221 The WTS3_221 can be find here www.wwwcleaningsupplies.com.au under water treatment system 3 I would real like to hear what you guys think of this system and any ones reviews of the other systems if you have used them im in Australia so cant realy buy any thing from WCR Thanks

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I own a Wash=It Pro and would highly recommend. Great product and customer service is #1. I believe Perry @ Future Of Cleaning has reps in Australia. Go to his website great info for any and all.
Jason Leman

Get both the wash it and ez pure. Use the wash it for making money. Use the ez pure as a boat anchor for your fishing trips.

Contact windowcleaningworld.com.au . Peter Erken (brother of Willie wagtail) runs it. He is the FOC Australia guy.

At all costs do NOT buy an EZ Pure

We made the decision to just not sell them anymore, way to many issues.

I cant recommend the Wash-iT pro enough…

This. They are the worst designed piece of poop I’ve ever used to attempt to purify water. They are designed to make money for the manufacturer, not to serve the user.

WOW Chris … I cant remember ever seeing you posting a negative response on or about a product !I guess the RHG thing really went
sour at the end !

Thanks heaps for the info. I’m glad I asked i really considered buying the Rhg. Think I will go with the wash it pro and reach it poles.

I know that I am going to be the lone person backing the RHG here, but it has been great for me over the past year. I have average of about 500 tds here and I have never had one issue with my system. I have not tried the Wash-It, but the RHG works for me.

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There is a few of them out there… if you look around.

You know it just got to the point where we knew if we sold someone one of the RHG products that there was like a 1 in 5 chance we would be spending endless time on the phone with them coordinating text support and new filters.

Its just easier to sell someone a IPC machine, or a Wash-iT where we know for a fact that maybe only 1 out of 100 units sold, might have some minor problem.

Nothing went sour at the end, we just made the decision to not carry RHG stuff because of issues like I mentioned and a few other reasons.

They are not selling any wash it pros in Australia yet so they will have to get sum from the USA looks like it will end up costing about $2500 here in Australia for a wash it pro


If you purchase from Peter, we are happy to send him a pallet of them for resale. That could ease the price down quite a bit. I know we have shipped a few into Australia, and you are right about the price… It would be right in that range.

If you like, send me a PM with your physical address and I can get you a few quotes.

We are currently selling Wash-iT PRO direct in Australia … The freight per unit is USD$600 to USD$800 ea, so, as the AUD$ is weak right now, we have a price of AUD$2595 delivered.

I will take up any extra freight cost (except any local duty or tax).

Write to me at perry@futureofcleaning.com

We are currently re-negotiating with Peter to carry Wash-iT PRO instead of RHG EZY-Pure systems which are great for the reseller - and a disaster for the customer.

RO WATER should be practically zero cost - make sure you buy a system that passes the savings on to you IN FULL.

Proprietary (you must buy an RHG filter for an RHG System) filters are a way of clawing back the true savings from you.

Selling them is a commercial decision.

I bought the H2Pro made by RHG, (Reaching Higher Ground), and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Pure Junk. What bothers me most is that J. Racenstein endorsed it. Maybe I just got a lemon. No follow up or support from either of them. Sad.

Sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience with the H2Pro.

Can you reach out to me directly? We have sold JRC hundreds upon hundreds of those carts.

I’ll get the issue resolved for you.

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I have both…
The EZ is a pain in the ass to move around…wheels are small and it’s heave. BUT its worked for me, I use it for my monthly model home accounts for a builder.
The wash it pro, is lighter, haven’t really used it much to really critique. It does tip over a lot though

You can operate the Wash-iT Pro standing up or laying down.

Hahaha I didn’t know!
Now I feel like a dumbass haha
Common sense right?!