Wash-It Pro Vehicle Storage - Heat Bad For It?

Quick question: I read in a thread a few days ago that someone had an RO membrane break due to the glue in the membrane reaching temps of 90+. I want to store my wash it pro in my van without needing to take it in and out every day for use. Temps get easily 90+ here and inside a vehicle I’d imagine are closer to 110-120*. Should I be taking my Wash-it Pro inside each night after use?

I’ve never had any issues with either of mine and they are mounted inside vans 24/7. I wouldn’t think you would need to bring yours inside at night though since the temperatures usually drop at night.

The only reason those black plastic housings are breaking is because they are poor quality.

You will be 100% fine leaving it in your vehicle. The thread you are referencing was talking about a lesser quality machine.

I think he is referring to the comment I made in another thread. When I was experimenting with hot water I called and talk to a tech at axion after getting the The technical specs from Mark Strange. The technical specs list the maximum water temperature as I think 110°F but he told me they would never run more than 90° water through the filter .
But that discussion was about the temperature of water running through the filter and had nothing to do with ambient air temperature.