Wash & Wax?

Today I go to a house to do a quote. I come up with the numbers and call the customer on their cell. I give the price for cleaning their exterior windows and then get asked, “Just washing, no waxing?” I said, “Excuse me?” She continues, “Oh, some companies offer waxing as well.” I tell her that I have never heard of such a thing in the window cleaning business. “Well alright then, just leave the quote in the mail box and I’ll think about it.”

I’m just baffled!:eek:

I would not wash her windows even if she paid me 1 million dollars…

Saw an WC’ing site somewhere that listed window waxing as part of their service.

Perhaps a veteran WC’er can offer more insight.

I am not shore if this is what you are talking about but my neighbor has a can of old window wash that she still uses and it gos on like a wax and you rub it off. It works well but they don’t make it any more.

I have heard of PW’s saying they clean the exterior windows too when house washing. They use some sort of rinse aid.

Is it possible she meant something like this? http://sunbrite.stores.yahoo.net/suspwetwax.html

I know you said just a window cleaning estimate but you never know what the customer is thinking sometimes. She may be misunderstood or confused.

Or she’s just super old school and before my time. Not sure I’ve ever heard of waxing windows.:confused:

My only guess is that she probably knows of getting your car washed and waxed (and it has glass) so maybe the house can have the same treatment. :confused:

Here ya go! Yes…us old salty vets remember alot of stuff!:wink:

What are or were the benefits of waxing the glass?

Yeah – I saw that too when I Googled (Yahoo’d) wax.

So tell us about the process you, as an old salty vet, used to market and utilize window wax.

Window Gang:

Our cleaning process cleans your windows with a unique wash-wax formula that leaves your windows exceptionally clean and protected from the elements. Our window cleaning formula contains an invisible shield that helps your windows stay cleaner longer than standard window washing.

Well…back before the more “common” glass sealants that are at our disposal today,that was really the only thing available. Basically used much like the “sealers” of today for hard water area’s,environments with alot of rainfall,dusty area’s etc. and some actually used it to clean as well as polish/wax.

Never used the stencils,personally that’s kind of cheesy:D

Nowadays with all the “pure water cleaning” it’s kind of taboo if ya know what i mean;)

Is that pleasing to one;s intellectual palate?:wink:

So, why did you post a Googled result instead of recounting your past experiences?

I just googled “it” the product,so everyone could see.The description is all my experience. While on this topic i knew several WC’ers back east (years back) supposedly used it to stop/slow down screen burn back when metal screens were all there really was.

Im surprised you didn’t post a pic Mr.llaczko :eek:

Don’t you think the stencil aspect is directed at a different target audience (non-WC’er?)

So these products were carried in past WC’er supply distributor catalogues and inventories?

You stated, “…some used it…” If you used it, what brand(s) did you use? From whom did you buy? Where did you first hear about the product? What charges did you apply to this service?

I didn’t want to be a phony by posting a pic of something with which I had no knowledge or experience. Hell, I didn’t even know if it applied to this thread (possibly the Window Gang notation that I posted applies.)

Well, there you go.

Do you think this window washing/waxing formula could be the real deal?

Or is it just marketing hype?

Or could the application of wax on your glass actually attract dirt, thus making the home owner call you back sooner?