Washer sleeve Restoration

Hi everyone, any tips how to mantain
absorbency on washer sleeves? I notice my preview sleeve I only use it for 5 months not heavy use an it’s loosing a lot of his absorbency. There any way to restore the microfiber absorbency? I can’t remember if I have use a few times water stain removal products with this sleeve and that’s why it’s getting bad faster than usual. I wonder what suggestions you guys may have to take care of them and make them last longer and if is any way to restore them. I use ettore + pro sleeve.
Thank you

I think I read on here once that you should let them dry on their own after washing. Don’t throw them in the dryer. That’s what I started doing and I want to say it helps.
No clue on restoring them.

Yes,I also don’t use the drier. But thank you for the reply

I just power wash mines.

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I have only rinsed my Maykker Scotsman, in 2 or 3 years I’ve never taken it off my t bar to clean or anything.

Also, don’t be cheap… spend like $15 and just get a new one.


I usually spray mine out with a water hose and then fill a bucket with clean solution and just let it soak in there. I never wash the sleeves in the washer or dry them.

When spring rolls around I get new sleeves.

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Nevereverever use fabric softener.

Aside from that, sleeves definitely have an expiration on them.

Thank you everybody!

I’m not cheap I have 2 new sleeves. I was just curious why my previews one lost the absorbency much faster than normal since I wasn’t using it that often. Anyway I probably use lime away for water stains removal with that sleeve and that might be the reason!

Save one crappy sleeve for chemicals and just keep it separate. I ruined plenty of sleeves with chemicals over the years

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jet spray on garden hose gets all the buried dirt out real good and fluffs them up, good to do every week

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Yes, don’t put in dryer. That kills them. I use my garden hose jet spray setting to blast all dirt out. Wring out and air dry. Although after pollen season usually need new ones anyway

Thank you everyone, yes that’s what I have been doing with my 2 last sleeves, rinsing them with a hose and drying them on a chair and they are lasting as it should!

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When grease and inground dirt just use a small pressure washer every now and then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w40WIq0HM_Y

Yes thank you I been washing them with a hose at the end of the day. This method looks cool as other people mention this as well in here.
Thanks again!