Washing towels and strip washers?

What is the best way to wash and dry surgical towels and strip washers?

We have been using a standard washer and dryer for a while now and it seems to work fine.

Standard wash, easy on the detergent, air dry washer sleeves and any microfiber cloths, dry surgical towels on low to medium heat without fabric softener.

Lotsa threads on this very subject already here…

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Cold wash, no detergent (there is soap in your hucks and sleeves already), wash hucks and microfibers separately, NO FABRIC SOFTENER, air dry if possible.
Make your neighbors kvell, put up a clothes line in your yard for your towels!

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Hmmm… conflicting advice. I guess I’ll just try both ways.

I think it depends on if you have employees or not. If your the only one using the towels, and you don’t use that many, it may be worth the extra time of hang drying them. We go through a crap load of huck towels and they are so cheap, it just doesn’t make sense to waste the time hang drying them. If they go bad a little faster from putting them in the dryer, they are easy and cheap to replace. To each his own.

All my towels and sleeves are washed together (cold cycle/a bit of detergent if things smell funky) Hucks and drop towels get tossed in the dryer, Micro fiber towels and Sleeves are hung to dry (I use Pulex handles with an assortment of sleeves Unger, Ettore and Pulex some are tight while others are loose, I air dry them all so the tight one do not turn to ultra tight.)

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Wash with no Detergent on Large load size.

Dry for 60 minutes on high to remove all lint.

Remove blue lint and throw into trash bag - go to job.

I dry mine, too, but would prefer line drying if that was an option.
He asked for ‘best way’.

Wash and hang dry.

I don’t get it. Why are some drying there washer sleeves? Why even wash them? They’re in water all the time right? If they get dirty just hose them off and throw them back in the bucket. Towels, warm wash and warm dry. If your environnmentally friendly, cold wash, air dry.

I wash mine to get ensure I’m not breeding a ton of bacteria in it. I air dry them to get a longer life out of them… Just got some Steccone micros so I’m interested in seeing how they perform.

Debris does get trapped in the fibers and hosing them off does not release all the dirt from the backing material.