Washing Windows in the Heat!

Besides washing in the early hours, does anyone have any suggestion for washing windows in the hottest time of the day to prevent them from drying to early. I live in Redding, CA and our summer is typically between 95 to 110.

Less soap.

Ice in the water

I live in Cen Cal, routinely 90-110 for a few months, I use an additive…um…“something” glide…ya thats it. Use something with wetting agents to keep the glass wet…and obviously, try to work around the sun too. WFP, no worrys…

2 poles, one with washer, one with squeegee… and work FAST. Its been brutal here too this year. Went out doorhanging yesterday and my shirt was soaked stright through 20 minutes into it. That’s coming from a guy that hikes for hours at a time on a normal hot day and comes home bone dry.

We add Winsol Super Slip to combat the heat. Works great!

The sun can get pretty hot here too. I always have shade for the person washing screens

Plan your work around the sun. Start your job on the west and work around to the east. That will help some.

Oh Man!

I just got home and my A/C went out sometime today


Here in Michigan the temp is in the 80’s with low humidity today. First day I didn’t sweat like a pig. Almost feels cold.

Plan your work like Tory said. Less soap helps so you won’t leave streaks. Adding glide helps a lot in this hot days. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. I keep a cooler with water in my truck bed.

Don’t holster your strip washer or squeegee. Clean all the glass (In the area you are in) and then detail last.

keep the window really wet, & work fast w/a light touch, let it glide quickly w/o a lot of pressure. And knowing where the sun is at a particular time of day and scheduling around that, as much as possible, helps. Theres certain homes we HAVE to do in the a.m. because of the position of the sun on the tinted windows, otherwise its nearly impossible.

In Arizona we have high high heat and low low humidity. Water and soap is steaming off glass on contact I use one of the glide or slick products to keep wetter and smoother glide .When polling (not a survey ) we use a back flip so u minimize time of handling. Its so hot here (HOW HOE IS IT? ) that if we do a swipe with a pole and bring the squeegee down to wipe …the window is already dried so we kinda do the 7 swipe and only have to wipe the blade on last pull sometimes and I hate to do this Ill tap off the excess water on the next window only for speed and when in the sun. We have used the wagtail which allows us to swirl the high windows but the scrubber or mop doesn’t hold enough water to keep window wet long enough.