Washing windows right before a stormy week?

So I have a bunch of monthly clients that I wash towards the end of the month. The forcast is that there will be heavy sleet and snow and rain for the next several days, all the way to the end of the month. Is it dishonest or rude to go and get them all washed even though though it’s going to storm so badly so soon? Thanks!

Didn’t notice the topic that just got bumped up a few hours ago on this very topic, haha! I guess I’m good to go! :wink:

Are they Res or Com ?

They’re commercial

I asked for a reason because that dictates my response. I have " never not "
( Double Negative…I know) cleaned because of predicted inclement weather. And I have never had a customer fire us because we cleaned their place either knowing or unwittingly that is was going to rain. I’ll take it a step further - we rarely cancel because of rain although we are more strategic about the jobs we do, utilizing work that is under cover or inside. In Ohio our weather sucks and we have plenty of days / weeks that could be classified as " too bad ". I just work though it. If a customer would inquire and request we come only on nice days their cost per visit would increase and be priced accordingly.


I live on an island in NW BC (Haida Gwaii) storms come and go so fast here, I clean even if a storm is coming, today a storm sent me home mid job. I just get em on the next clean in six weeks. They all appreciate them being cleaner than they were even if it doesn’t last very long.

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