Washington Monument

Dang! I forgot my WCR t-shirt, and I knew I was driving by the monument today on my to give an estimate. Oh well. The estimate was approved so I’ll be driving by it again in 2 weeks.

I don’t go this deep into the city too often. But this job intrigued me because it is an 1892 row house, and the customer heard that my company cleans historic homes regularly.

Better not drip any bacon grease on that t-shirt.

No prob. It’s the baby spit up I’m worried about.

I lost 2 new suits to baby spit up. It’s practically toxic waste at times. :wink:
How is the littlest Fensterstock?

Damn good! Thanks for asking. The kid is all smiles all the time (moms genes). Been sleeping through the night, every night, since he was 6 weeks old (dads genes).

  1. I did that gig last year. The guy is a monumental ass.

  2. Genes should never be worn by a baby. No matter whose smile she likes.


  1. Did someone mention bacon?

Argh. I had a rough day (long story). We did the 1892 row house today. I was all set with my WCR shirt and camera to take a pic at the monument, but I didn’t get the chance. It seems there is just nowhere convenient to park a big ole white van near the Washington Monument. Go figure.

go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Timothy McFenster?

Sounds like a specialized flier campaign in the works, seth…

Corner those historic-home folks.