Water Fed Pole 70+

Any recommendations on a pole/brand to buy?

70 feet + ??

A water fed pole that’s at least 70FT or more… any recommendations on what brand or pole to go with for those that have one at that length and have had experience with it

Gardiner Xtreme X3 47 or Ultimate


My vote is for Unger. The poles and spare parts (not that you’ll ever need them) are always available in the US. When you NEED a replacement part you don’t want to be told it will be 3 weeks. And Unger backs everything up with an amazing warranty.

The nLite is versatile, sections are easily dropped as you work down the building.

Not cheap by any means but it will hold up for years to come.



i bought the extreme 47 based off of recommendations here and im glad i did what a sweet pole.

that kevlar gardiner looks sick too


The Unger has a stunning carbon finish and build quality. I sold mine as I could not relax in case I scratched it and just kept the NLite alu. for the times I need an Acme thread.

In the UK Gardiner service is really good. I get the importance of supply and service in the local market however.

I have no issues with my Gardiner Ultimate 74.
I do have a US distrubutor who has been able to send within same week pole parts when needed.

Yes few US distrubutors but you will find out who stocks items you may need in a bind.

I have no need to really go higher than what I have. Thats what rope descent is for.